Alden Solovy
Blessings Abound

Cowards of Campus

Take off your masks
To face those you hate
And accept the consequences
Of your venom.

No, of course you won’t.
This has never been your way,
Veiled behind lies and distortions
To broadcast vitriol and violence,
Like your brave mentors
Who hide in tunnels
Beneath your own innocent children.
Hiding, always
In the bowls of self-righteousness
And deceit.

Afraid of truth.
Afraid of integrity.
Afraid of your own faces.

Poet’s note: Since October 7, I’ve written nearly 50 poems about the shock attack, the war, and the hostages. Some can be found here, including “The Court of the Captives” and “Nothing Left but Tears.” Others can be found on Instagram at @aldensolovy and my blog at

About the Author
Alden Solovy is traveling teacher, preacher, poet in the tradition of the piytan. The Liturgist-in-Residence at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, his teaching spans from Jerusalem to the UK to synagogues throughout North America. He's the author of six volumes of modern tefillot and midrash. His latest, "These Words: Poetic Midrash on the Language of Torah," is a Silver Medalist in the 2023 Independent Book Publishers Awards. His work is anthologized in more than 20 volumes of prayers and meditations. Alden made aliyah in 2012. He is the founder of ManKind Project Israel. Read his work at
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