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Cuomo’s resignation speech: slick and nauseating

A blow-by-blow breakdown showing the emperor has no clothes.

We would have hoped that the resignation speech of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo would have been two things: straightforward and humble. Alas, it was neither. We received a contrived, carefully scripted piece of manipulation in which he was the big hero. Now, that is chutzpah.

Now, a civil servant who lacks honesty and humility certainly should go.

Walk with me through the 10.5-minute tape and I’ll point out many of the moments he tries to fool and mislead us. (See also my post of yesterday.)

He starts by thanking the women ‘who came forward with sincere complaints. It’s not easy to step forward.’

Why does he qualify the complaints as ‘sincere.’ By calling them sincere, he hints that they were well-meant by misguided. This is textbook sexist. Not taking women on their word by saying that their intentions must be fine, implying that what they said and thought was not.

Worse, this could also mean that he praises the women who were sincere (but mistaken) as opposed to the women who accused him insincerely.

What at first glance seems an example of sportsmanship and empathy, on a closer look, was really rejecting some of the women and not taking the rest seriously either.

Then he expresses his gratefulness for an important lesson they taught.

As if that is for him to compliment them. But it gets worse.

He then says literally (I listened to it a dozen times to check if I’m not mistaken): “Personal boundaries must be expanded and must be protected.”

This reminds me of Trump when challenged by Biden in an election debate to condemn neo-Nazis like the Proud Boys: “I call upon them to stand down and stand by.” That night, their membership tripled. Everybody heard him say: Wait, I’ll need you soon.

Cuomo doesn’t say: “Personal boundaries must be respected and protected.” He says the opposite! As if personal boundaries must give way [to his needs] and [he should be] protected against complaints.

Was this a (telling) Freudian slip, or is he psychologically incapable to defend the right of others to have for him uncomfortable boundaries?

Then he adds “I accept full responsibility,” while shaking his head.

We are 25 seconds into the recording and that’s really all you need to see. What should be a humble departure became a make-believe victory lap.

Then, with an amused smirk (apparently, this man has no moral compass, he’s tone-deaf for ethics), he says that this is not about the facts, truth, thoughtful analysis, how do we make the system better. “Rather, this is about politics, today too often driven by the extremists. Rashness has replaced reasonableness, loudness has replaced soundness.”

In other words: he is reasonable and sound, the many who want him to step down are merely rash and loud.

Then, he advocates an “intelligent debate” (read: not the stupid accusations) “on gender-based actions” (the euphemism of the day for sexual abuse), “on generational and cultural differences” (claiming that if someone feels sexually violated, that could be their age and cultural bias), “on setting higher standards” (he doesn’t say for men, and he could well mean for women when and how to complain), “and finding reasonable resolutions” (reasonable for whom?).

This just shows a man who doesn’t take no for an answer and assumes that clever words will exonerate him. Almost the definition of a serial sexual abuser. A bully with a calm decent smile. Those are the worst.

Then, he claims that “the political environment is too hot and too reactionary” (sic; he probably meant the opposite: reactive) for that now.”

This is such a blatant lie. Not his political opponents have asked him to resign. The Democratic President of the US, the Democratic Speaker of the House, the two NY Democratic Senate Members asked him to step down.

We are 1:45 minutes into his speech, and he’s irredeemable.

Then, he says that his instinct is to fight through this politically motivated unfair untruthful controversy.

He’s reframing the situation dishonestly. There is no controversy. There are accusations against him, and he claims to be innocent. Criminal cases don’t try to resolve controversies but attempts to establish culpability.

Then, “I believe this demonizes behavior that is unsustainable for society.”

Clearly, he wanted to say that the demonization is unsustainable but he actually says the opposite.

Then, he says that this “politically motivated distraction” prevents him from functioning and “everything I have ever done, I have done from my love for you, to serve you.”

Everything? That disputes what the accusers say.

So, he’ll step down to not block life-saving governing. Then, he goes on to thank the people working under him and listing his great accomplishment.

Does he have any good taste, empathy, and humility? Undetectable levels.

I’ll spare you the bragging.

Then, he claims it hurt him to see the faces of his daughters when they heard the “ugly accusations,” and he wants them “to have better lives than the generations of women before them.” Then, he becomes the greatest ally to women ever had against sexism. On TV, he talks to his daughters.

This man has no shame, no notion of privacy. How typifying of the man.

You could also assume that he did talk to his daughters privately, but that this cheesy display of fake emotion is just a bogus cherry on the phony manipulative cake.

He then ‘admits’ that “Your dad has made mistakes, apologized, and learned from it.”

That is a worthy symbol and summation of all the lying presented here. He has not acknowledged any mistakes, he has certainly not apologized, and he has definitely not learned a thing from the whole thing.

Sadly, the 7-minute CNN analysis missed almost all of the above analysis.

PS: Those who claim that Cuomo is the victim, the victim of cancel culture, of political correctness gone bonkers, of woke oppression, tell them to watch this tape. The only ones who got canceled here are the women he violated allegedly. He leaves with his head held high. The real oppression, on the other hand, sexism is alive and kicking.

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