Jordan Hekowczyk

‘Dear Jew…’ (A Promise Remembered)

Photo: Jordan Hekowczyk
Israeli flag hangs on a residence in the U.S. in support if Israel.

“Never again.”

When the shocking revelations of World War II reached the public, the free world promised to never again allow antisemitic tyranny to run rough-shod without opposition. Never again would we turn our eyes away while urgency for action remained. Never again would we allow ourselves to be bystanders in the face of diabolical persecution and injustice.  As we listened to the cautionary tales of the brave Holocaust survivors—we wept. Society rallied against the perpetrators and the West vowed to keep future generations from experiencing the same hell. We promised to their grief-etched faces that never again would we forget that which humanity must always remember.

…and perhaps for a brief, shining, moment in history we did just that. Generations echoed the call for remembrance with deep conviction.

Until October 7th, 2023, when the most brutal tortures the world has ever seen since World War II befell innocent civilians in a small Israeli kibbutz.  Even as the murdered men, women, and children still lay where they had been slain; the Muslim world had the audacity to claw their way back up to their “victim podium” and the script flipped before our eyes. An alarming amnesia crept through the masses, via social media, and the global majority failed miserably to uphold the promise of remembrance.

While subscribers to the Left’s “wokeism-cult” have rapidly monopolized the narrative with zealous marches, shameless celebrations, and delusional Pro-Palestinian/Hamas plugs; those who stand with Israel remain unmoved. As Israelis and Jews around the world find themselves in yet another dark hour, may there be hope and a measure of comfort knowing there exists a loyal remnant of allied brothers and sisters who stand in the gap of public opinion. Men and women who are scrambling to send aid, facing backlash, violence, economic and social ramifications for daring to openly support Israel and her right to self-determination, self-defense, and justice. A breed of ferocious advocates who will never forget, never reject, and never abandon our commitment to Israel and her people. We may be invisible to the media but we are a collective of strong-willed souls who are unafraid and will not be moved. With the same loyal brotherly protectiveness Jonathan offered David, we proudly stand with Israel proclaiming, “Am Yisrael Chai!” Resting assured that despite mankind’s fickle nature and woeful proclivity for forgetfulness; G-d is faithful to His covenants. Thus, we know: “From the river to the sea, Israel will always be.”

So dear Jew, take heart, be bold, and may we all aspire to be as strong and resilient as you.

About the Author
Jordan Hekowczyk is a Protestant mother of two, US Air Force wife, with a Bachelors of Science in Global Studies and Religion.
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