Decapitating the Iranian Medusa’s Head.

Hezbollah reinforced by Iranian revolutionary guards are entrenching themselves firmly on Israel’s borders, from the Lebanese coast to the Golan Heights, together with the thawing of ties between Hamas and Gaza. Add the threat of Israel’s imminent destruction by Teheran, who boast that they could produce nuclear weapons in a matter of five days, to complement their missile programme which has factory outlets in both Syria and Lebanon. One sure does have to wonder how we can resolve this crisis for once and for all. A military operation in both Gaza and Lebanon could very well cut the snake off the ugly gorgon’s head, so to speak, yet as long as the Mullahs in Tehran are fueling the fire and pulling the strings it shall never end. Yes, it’s time to take out Teheran’s nuclear capabilities and destroy their weapons programme. With America and the Gulf states assistance, perhaps destroy the tyrannical Shia demagogue for once and for all.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin stated bluntly that Russia will not rein in on Iran who even stationed troops on our Syrian frontier. While Lebanon has been Teheranified, the onus is on Israel to take action. How many red lines is Teheran going to cross before we finally strike? It was the previous president of the United States of America, Barack Obama who gave Iran leeway, even threatening military action against Israel if it strikes Iran’s nuclear facilities. Our enemies are camped all around us while Iran funds/arms and trains them with respect to Hezbollah and Hamas on our Northern and Southern frontier respectively. We need to be bold and resolute and instead of dishing out threats we should act out on them.

This would involve striking Hezbollah in the North and Hamas in Gaza, The recent acquisition of the F35 Adir along with the rest of the IAF fleet, means that what we accomplished in Lebanon in the summer of 2006, in a two month long and bloody war, could be accomplished in under 48 hours. How does that bode for Gaza the moment Hamas ratchets up a storm? The damage sustained by Gaza in Operation Defensive Shield during 2014 could be ten times more severe. Sure, there will be global outrage with self-appointed saints of humanity protesting from Cape Town to Calgary together with Anti-Semitic riots by Islamic migrants and Neo Nazis alike. But this will be only the start of it. We should then turn our airfleet on Iran’s infrastructure, destroying everything from nuclear power plants to missile sites and production lines as we would need to decapitate the ugly Medusa’s head that sustains these demagogues by proxy.

What will we gain in the end? With Gaza and Southern Lebanon in ruins, where both the UNIFIL and UNWRA deliberately failed their mandate, Gaza and Southern Lebanon will have to fall under our control. That would mean larger borders, which would be necessary to facilitate the absorption of more Olim streaming in due to the growing intensity of the global Anti-Semitic outrage from as far apart as France and England, to Brazil, Americas and perhaps Australia and New Zealand too.

All these people will need somewhere to stay together with Israel’s ever-growing local population.

Together with enlarged borders, we would have eliminated the Iranian threat by bringing the war to the Mullahs backyard. An Iran in ruins and chaos could only embolden and enrage already oppressed Iranians to lash out at the very regime that brought about their misery and by doing this we would have delivered a final decapitating blow to the Medusa’s head.

With Iran out of the picture there will be no one to embolden and incite war-battered Arabs who will be reeling from the most catastrophic Naqba to date. Remember how, after the Six Day War, very few Arabs from Gaza, Samaria and Judea dared incur the wrath of the Israel Defence Forces. Up until a Soviet and Iranian fueled Intafada and a Shia nemesis in the 1980s onwards. Without a puppet master, their minions are likely to fade away into the Arab history books. Together with the first hand experience of Israel’s wrath, very few Gazans and Lebanese would dare question our legitimacy and sue for a truce, while Israel’s borders expand in both directions. Such a broad and vicious conflict will bring about a desire for peace amongst both sides resounding the death knells for Islamic radicalism and putting it in the trashcan of history where it belongs.

In order to accomplish all of this, we have to be prepared to get our hands dirty. It will be far from a pleasant experience, but in the end victory for us and the free world with the rest of civilisation shall be achieved. As we speak now, Kim Jong Un continues his provocations against South Korea and its neighbours. The outcome there won’t be pleasant either. His actions could very well be the first salvos of world war 3, yet the end will see a unified Korea. China for it’s part would seek to enter the fray and has bullied Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines while also going head to head with our new strategic partner, India. This too could be horrific but the end could mean a free Tibet, the death of Communist China and the birth to a peace-loving Chinese confederation together with an unreluctant Taiwan unifying with the mainland. Russia and America would be at loggerheads and will jump into the mess to assist their respective Allies. Nuclear war could break out but in the end after all the birth pains and trauma a post apocalyptic American will seek common ground with his countrymen. As we speak the American Alt Right and the far left terror organisations will be viewed as futile by all Americans as they would be brought together from all walks of life in bomb shelters, battlefields and the white on black dilemna will die for once and for all as compassion for each other grows.

The heart of Western civilisation too won’t be left unscathed. Russia will make moves on the Baltics and Ukraine goading NATO into conflict. Currently, Europe’s cities are cesspools teeming with migrants who terrorise the local populations. An aftermath of a post nuclear war, would be a time for all Europeans to rebuild and reflect. Cities would be rebuilt with assistance of rural countryfolk who would regain a sense of pride in what was once lost and instill it into embattled survivors. As for Russia, Vladimir Putin’s oligarch regime would capitulate amidst the ruins and debris with angry Russians demanding to know how he could involve them in this chaos and inflict it on the world. The last Tsar shall be dethroned and a more humble character would lead the Russians into the global market. His focus on rebuilding the economy will take centre stage and Russia shall be more diplomatic with everyone else with less enthusiasm for conflict.

Eretz Israel? What will become of Eretz Israel? Would it end with Lebanon/Gaza and Iran? Perhaps not even the Arabs in the territories could embroil us in a conflict with Jordan and Turkey respectively. Our own casualties could be staggering. Yet we shall have the only thing we ever desired peace and quiet, with secure borders where nobody would dare question our autonomy again. A population boom shall take place with the influx of Olim fleeing a by-now global and endemic Anti-Semitic diaspora. We saw the fall of the Babylonians, Romans,Greeks, Persians, Crusaders and Nazis and now our final nemesis the Mullahs of Iran shall fall too.

We all have our Medusas to decapitate in life, it could be a medical one, an addiction, a financial one, a political one or even a dangerous adversary with allies against us. As Jews we are the light unto all nations as to how we deal with them. When we were chosen for the sacred covenant, a great responsibility was placed on our shoulders. This involved enduring wars in both ancient and modern Israel, persecution in diaspora and near annihilation. While conducting a theological study, I encountered a Christian proverb which states “to be closer to G-d means you are an enemy of the world”. That being said, it is plain and simple to understand why Anti-Semitism exists in this day and age. This timeless Medusa we also need to decapitate. On a metaphysical level, Anti-Semitic gentiles are unaware of why they are Anti-Semitic. They only see the surface, which is their personal contempt of Jews, resulting from envy due to success/wealth/ or any other excuse that tickles their fancy in the material world. They too have a Medusa’s head to decapitate that, namely greed, hattred, envy and resentment. An ancient Cherokee elder once said to his grandson ”My boy within you there are two fierce wolves waging a fierce battle within you”. Perplexed, the young Cherokee asks, “Which one wins?”. “The one you feed the most!”, the elder Cherokee replies. We need to stop this Iranian medusa from feeding it’s wolves within the world of radical Islam.

By cutting the snake’s head off the Medusa, all we do is feed the wolf which will sit like a fire within our enemies. By getting our hands dirty and decapitating the Medusa, we leave no room for snakes to grow, hence the root cause of the dilemma is gone. We need to be prepared to do this looking into the mirror as opposed to staring the snake in the eye and allowing it to turn us into stone. For almost a decade, we declared our willingness not to allow Iran to become a nuclear power and with Obama’s appeasement ala Chamberlain-tactics, Iran is now almost a nuclear power. It has funded as well as armed and trained its snakes in Gaza, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. We need to decapitate this monster now lest it turns us into stone. After all, they have never hidden their intentions to act out on their threats. so we are more damned if we don’t act now.

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."
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