Do Israelis really want to live in peace with their Arab neighbours?

Would Palestinians prefer a more settled and independent existence in a land of their own, one with clearly defined and internationally recognised borders?

Is a better and brighter future the fondest wish that both communities could have for themselves and for their children?

Has the world grown far too weary of a conflict that has tasked and defied the efforts of umpteen nations, major power blocs, sundry groups and various individuals for a span of very nearly seven decades?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘YES,’ then, assuming Mr. Kerry’s latest peace proposals meet with much the same fate as have so many others, what is there left that might turn this endless saga of constant sorrow into a legacy that any parent would be proud – and relieved –  to hand on to the next generation?

The secret here has always been to have peace become a more dynamic instrument in its own right and not just an end in itself. If peace can be fashioned into the most powerful weapon on the battlefield, then there is nothing that could stand in its way.

And hasn’t that been the whole purpose all along of every one of the past and present initiatives dedicated to the delivery of such an outcome?

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