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Die dei dayanu

Some of us stopped watching American football when the NFL condoned players kneeling during the U.S. National Anthem. The NFL elites continued to disrespect America by adding the “Black National Anthem” to the start of each game. Reminding us again that we are not one country, they wrote “End Racism” in the Super Bowl endzones. In 2022, 56.4% of NFL players were Black. The NFL and that 56.4% did not think it appropriate to sing Hatikvah before or after the Black National Anthem or to write “End Antisemitism” in an endzone to support Israel after October 7.

The “End Racism” message to 123 million viewers promoted the elite-fostered perception that racism is alive and well. How will “racism” end when the NFL message is part of the DEI, CRT, Trans, BLM, White Supremacy and Oppressed-Oppressor industry? The left’s altruistic-sounding language cocktails and acronyms are designed to divide us, not to address any real societal problems. When evidence of merit yields to race and other considerations irrelevant to competence, the racism of reverse racism prevails.

The Oppressor-Oppressed industry came to the fore under Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America. The post-WW2 vestiges of racism were on their last legs when 44 was elected President. Some, though, were not surprised when he stoked the dying embers of racism in his July 2009 attack on White Cambridge police, and in July 2013, when he said, “Treyvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” Some said “I told you so” when 44 skipped Israel and applauded Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood during his first Middle East trip. Did he know the Hamas Charter supports the Muslim Brotherhood, and requires Jihad and taking all of “Palestine” and other places formerly conquered by Islam, such as Spain?

President 44’s fundamental changes took place slowly over his eight years and were interrupted when 45 beat Hillary in 2016. President Trump’s Abraham Accords and Black economic progress were interfered with by Covid and the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots. The BLM and Antifa Brown Shirts caused billions in damages, burned cities, invaded government buildings and killed people, with impunity. Elites in industry and government answered those riots not with lawful punishment but with DEI and CRT reverse racism mandates and money for “Big Large Mansions.” Today’s NYC prosecution of Daniel Penny is more gasoline on the race inferno that 44 resurrected and 46 resumed in earnest.

“BLM may be the loudest voice, but it does not represent the majority of black America. . . . An ‘ally’ is not really an ally if their concern is themselves.” Jews must not delude themselves about who is a friend, and who is not. Malcom X understood liberal elites and minority group members who allied with the liberals much better than the elites and Jews understand themselves, both then and now.

Elites keep promoting DEI to gaslight us into believing the DEI and other Oppressed-Oppressor lies. “The problems with DEI trainings are not in their tone, however, but in their substance. The implicit-bias theory . . .  on which these trainings are based has no scientific basis, as years of examinations have consistently demonstrated. . . . 70 percent of whites who supposedly displayed implicit bias against blacks actually discriminated in favor of blacks. It’s not just that there’s ‘insufficient evidence’ that implicit bias doesn’t matter. There’s even evidence of a negative correlation between ‘implicit bias’ and actual behavior. So we shouldn’t just be ‘skeptical’ of implicit-bias theory. We should scoff at it.”

Before DEI and CRT, American Jews marched with Martin Luther King and were attacked and killed by Southern Democrats and KKK members, with impunity, until JFK and RFK intervened. “[T]he great majority of white South Africans involved in ‘the struggle’ were Jewish. Many were Communists. Most were lawyers. A few had money. But all faced what has been described as a ‘double marginality’: not fully accepted as white, while also alienated from an organized Jewish community beholden to the powers that be.” South Africa’s “powers that be” now take Iranian Rands to finance Hague lawfare that precludes South Africa joining hostage families at the Hague to declare Hamas guilty of Hitler-like genocide.

Today’s American Jewish community is conflicted between being beholden to the DEI and CRT of the “powers that be” and concern about their safety and the antisemitism of the Oppressed-Oppressor crowd. The “powers that be” are the Big Government proponents. Fascism, Communism and Socialism differ in insignificant ways and all replace monotheistic religions, parents and individual rights with the religion of the State and Big Government whose elite proponents get rich regulating and controlling everyone and everything. Do Jews accept top-down Big Government control and regulations because of the historical convergence of Jews with Socialism and Communism?

But for a few Swastika flag-waving extremists of no consequence other than to the media, today’s Big Government proponents successfully cleansed Nazi ideology of its hatred of Blacks and Jews. That makes for a far more dangerous fascism promoted by elites who include many Jewish and Black Democrats, some of whom may not know what they support and many of whom know exactly what they are doing. The elites’ language gymnastics are designed to influence or direct our beliefs. All of the left’s anti-White and anti-Israel rhetoric mimics Nazi language that justified anti-Jewish laws and genocide, and made Goering, Goebbels and Hitler blonde and blue-eyed Aryans, and blonde and blue-eyed Jews sub-human.

Do Jewish Democrats, BLM and other lefties who march with pro-Hamas Arab-Americans think they are immune from the poison they promote and support? Do they agree with the recently resigned PA Prime Minister telling the world to get over October 7 and focus on the 75-year “suffering” of the Palestinian people? The bigger the lie, and the more it is repeated, the more the lie inverts into the liars’ truth. We are re-living fascist Germany with genocidal antisemitism and racism ostensibly removed.

President 46 embraced antisemites in the guise of combatting “Islamophobia,” appointed many DEI incompetents, and did not condemn college and university presidents who failed to condemn campus antisemitism. American and other western governments now express “humanitarian” concern for not-so-innocent Gazans. Biden and Hillary attack Netanyahu who refuses any suicidal Chamberlain-like two-state piece of paper they advocate. President 46 will not disavow his Oppressed-Oppressor supporters.

American Jews need to decide not if they are Jews or Americans first; they need to decide if their embrace of the Oppressor-Oppressed ideologies is like the Israeli peaceniks who invited Gazan Arabs into their homes, only to see them again on October 7 at the business end of a machine gun.

Standing in the way of the DEI, CRT and pro-Hamas elites and their acolytes in the NFL, EU, WEF, and the governments of 44 and 46, are Bibi, Gallant and the Israeli people and, outside of Israel, Presidents Trump and Milei, and Prime Ministers Orbán and Meloni. Israelis must sideline their divisions in case Bibi was sandbagged on October 7, either by internal or external forces. We now know Israel was told by our NSA in October 1973 that Egypt was not going to invade. American Jews must understand that DEI, CRT and some of the other lefty causes are there to lull us into the showers.

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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