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Dina Habib Powell Should NOT Succeed Nikki Haley

The surprise resignation of Nikki Haley from her post as US Ambassador to the United Nations is an unwelcome development. Aside from representing the interests of the United States forcefully and without apology, she established a new norm for what would be considered acceptable consideration toward the State of Israel and the language she used in that body was more familiar to South Carolinians than those from the south side of Turtle Bay.

And now the search for her successor is underway.

One of the leading candidates, if the American press is to be believed, is Dina Powell, President Trump’s former Deputy National Security Advisor (before the appearance of the Great Walrus, former Amb. John Bolton).

Powell would be a step backward, into the morass that was the Obama – Clinton foreign policy vision, and it is difficult to conceive that Trump and Bolton would be comfortable with a neo-Samantha Power expressing our voice on that particular international stage.

Powell was President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation and in that capacity repeatedly partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative on a “globalist women’s project”. She was paid $2 million per year by Goldman, and part of her responsibilities was to repair Goldman’s image in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Goldman eventually paid the Justice Department a $5 billion settlement for their role in the collapse of 2008, a fact we hardly noticed, and their business moved on without pause.

In 2013, Goldman Sachs was a main sponsoring partner of the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual event, including a panel moderated by Chelsea Clinton. Dina Powell and Goldman paid $375,000 for that sponsorship opportunity. In 2014, Goldman hosted the event again at which Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and Matt Damon were featured.

Whatever your politics might be, it is an accepted point of order (though not properly investigated by Congress or law enforcement) that the Clinton charity organization, while well intended, actually expended little of its collected funds on charitable endeavors, provided a lucrative package of salary and expenses to young Chelsea, and was unquestionably established to influence Hillary Clinton who was expected to be the 45th President of the United States.

In 2015, the Clinton Foundation had sucked in assets of $455 million to “strengthen the capacity of the people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence”.


Rather, I would say the money was raised from huge multinational corporations and fabulously wealthy nations with horrific human rights records to “provide cover from the soon-to-be-elected 45th President of the United States by donating to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization because we are barred from making direct campaign donations by the laws of the United States, and the Clintons have provided us with a convenient and perfectly legal means to subvert them.”

Talk about Dark Money. Please.

Dina Habib Powell is so deep in this pollution, she constitutes a swamp in and of herself. Why, oh why, do I have this chicken skin sensation that she has some ungodly connection to Satan himself, the former Director of CIA, John Brennan? He of short memory. He of moral clarity and judgment. Unlike all the nutcases in his party who want to crucify Catholic Brett Kavanaugh for unsubstantiated “Dr. Fordisms” in high school, Spooky John readily admits, “We’ve all had indiscretions in our past,” when referring to his affinity for the Communist Party.

No big deal. But why should that prevent a Great Patriot from serving a Great Revolutionary as Director of CIA? Well, it shouldn’t, of course!! And the city he loves the most? Al-Quds! What a great Globalist!

Dina Powell was a Bushie and had no contact with Trump until Ivanka reached out to her based upon the work she did at the CGI on her globalist women’s project. The fact that she was a native Arab speaker probably did not hurt and she became very involved in US – Saudi affairs.

She ran afoul of the now-disgraced Steve Bannon, however, who saw Powell, Ivanka, Jared Kushner, and Gary Cohn as “Democrats” and Globalists”. Despite all of Bannon’s missteps, in retrospect, he seems to have nailed these four with precision. They may be helpful trade negotiators because their inclination is to seek out a compromise (see the “new” NAFTA; the “new” two-state solution), but Kushner will be severely tested as he seeks to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of the Saudi journalist in Istanbul, for example.

Circumstantial evidence would suggest that she is unlikely to be the forceful voice for Israel that Nikki Haley was. For that reason alone, unless she can provide evidence to the contrary, I find her qualifications lacking.

Her close associations with the Clintons, Valerie Jarratt, Goldman Sachs, Arianna Huffington, Lloyd Blankfein, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg – these would speak well of her in a left-wing Democrat administration which would not advocate for a strong, independent Jewish state in the UN, but would replicate the tone of the mousy Samantha Power who today seems nearly invisible in terms of her impact.

Nikki Haley was not a polished diplomat. She’s a plain-spoken American who didn’t always agree with Trump, but had the guts to tell him so. She represented us with conviction at the world body, she called out the Russians, Syrians, and Iranians to their faces and threatened them with consequences that no one doubted. There was no question when she challenged the Human Rights Commission how perverted with hypocrisy it had become. She spoke truth to power with simple language backed up with the world’s biggest checkbook. She was unignorable.

That is not Dina Habib Powell. We need to find someone closer to Nikki Haley.

With the influential John Bolton as National Security Advisor, it would shock me if Trump were to present Dina Habib Powell as Nikki Haley’s replacement. She represents nearly everything conceptually he campaigned against. If her name does come forward, it would be a capitulation to his daughter and son-in-law which, as we say in Yiddish, would be a “shande.”

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