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D’Israeli Gears: The Real Water Miracle

November 1, 2016–The Israeli water system is — compared to any water system anywhere in the world, or, if it would be compared to nothing — something of a miracle.

It’s pretty clear that water solutions not only hold the key to the “coming water crises” (which arguably should not be in quotes), but it is the key to a much better future, through solving problems such as displacement, housing, conflict (always a stretch) and hunger.

A blogger and public speaker who has emerged as a leading expert on what are called, somewhat unspectacularly, “water issues” is New York author and entrepreneur Seth M. Siegel.

Siegel’s BookLet There Be Water,” probably written about on these blogs a few times before, shows you step by step, very engagingly, “how Israel did it…”water

A must read…

…starting with astounding writings of Theodore Herzl, in his Utopian Novel “Altneuland,” in which, “one of Herzl’s protagonists predicts that the water engineers of his imaginary Jewish homeland will be it’s heroes.” (they can, and I think will, turn out to be heroes on the world stage as well).

Right now, there is a very dramatic California drought going on, and it’s been going on for around six years. In March, 2014, an Israel California Water Agreement was signed. Drip irrigation has arrived at California almond farms. But one of the reasons the Israeli Water Program seems so miraculous, is that it does not come close to working anywhere else, as well as it does in the Promised Land.

So…I have a few questions for Siegal, who may know more about the subject than anyone around:

What has stood in the way Israeli Water Systems working as well around the world as they have at home? 

Could these water solutions create kibbutz-like environments in vast tracts of Western American  Desert,  Saudi Arabian Desert, African Desert, ANY Desert…Helping housing and poverty  in the USA and around the world dramatically, and changing the face of economies that are struggling…as, for instance, Saudi Arabia’s economy is beginning to struggle?

Are political and cultural differences so harsh, that it literally is just a pipedream that such a system can work in Arab nations? Can there be a vision (or several visions…I’m open) to overcome that?

Why does modern Israel not acknowledge this, its greatest achievement (or certainly in the running for it ) enough?

This column is about Israel engaging with the world in positive ways and getting over the stumbling blocks that prevent that….which can be reduced almost entirely to the vilification of the country. If you disagree with the government of the nation, I think its a big mistake to disagree with its innovations. The boycott movement is completely destructive, very ill advised, because of this notion (and a few others, but this one…really stands out).

I hope for — and think we should work for — a kind of New Passover, in which we overwhelm the reality and massive obstacles posed by anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment, to cooperate with the world in a way, where: guess what? The results could very well be — if such a Passover could exist — truly miraculous.

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