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Do You Speak Namibian?

It is time to prepare our prisons to receive their new “guests”. Sadly, there are large numbers of wrong-doers. Let us take a look.

Zahal, Israel Defense Forces, has no shortage of brave soldiers. But the top brass has been shown to be incompetent, negligent, ineffectual, asleep at the wheel. For years they have been happy to take large salaries for doing nothing. It is time for them to pay the price.

We, the tax-paying citizens, have been ripped-off by companies building so-called security fences along our borders. Hamas used large explosive devices to blow holes in the fence and send hundreds of terrorists in trucks and on motorcycles into Israel. Who would have thought that Hamas would “cheat” and not stop at the fence, could they not read the Keep Out signs?

Experts tell us that the hundreds of gunmen who infiltrated into Israel were heavily armed and had made careful preparations. It is fortunate that we have “experts”. You and I probably thought that the attack was a last-minute decision and that the gunmen had not brought any guns with them.

I return to writing this blog after the air-raid siren had sent me to my not-very-safe room. My house was built before the legal requirement for a shelter. I hope it is safe to come out. In Israel there is no “All Clear” siren, the sirens just stop, and we have to guess if the attack is over.

I see that, so far, I have written 242 words. I am, of course, reminded of UN Resolution 242. This resolution called on the Arab states to accept Israel’s right “to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.” Unfortunately, it does not say if Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders, or Arab recognition of Israel, should come first. We are still waiting for one side or the other to make the first move.

I have now passed 323 words. Many readers will recall United Nations Security Council Resolution 323, adopted on December 6, 1972, that reaffirmed the UN’s responsibility for Namibia.

Namibians speak nine different languages and probably have as much chance of understanding each other as we Israelis can understand the Palestinians.

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