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As the song says, a Latin American with no money in his pocket.

Don’t cry now, Daddy’s little boy

It’s been a long time since Yair Netanyahu’s youthful silence was broken, and like a lightning bolt on a stormy night, he emerges to provoke rather than enlighten. On a quiet Friday night, Yair shared a video of a masked man, identifying himself as an Israeli Defense Forces reservist, threatening mass insubordination if control of the Gaza Strip is handed over to Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.

This return to the public stage is not an act of courage but a manifestation of a life enclosed in privilege, far removed from authentic leadership. His sudden vocality reeks of a calculated move, a desperate attempt to stand out in his father’s long, dense shadow. This is not the voice of an experienced activist or a wise commentator but of a spoiled boy seeking relevance at any cost.

It’s almost comical, if it weren’t tragic, how Yair, nestled in the comfort afforded by his father’s power, presumes to understand the weight of military decisions and the complexities of governance. Sharing incendiary content from the comfort of a luxurious life does not make one a patriot; it makes one a provocateur, disconnected from the natural consequences of such actions.

By endorsing such a dangerous and divisive message, Yair only underscores his disconnection from the realities faced by the soldiers he claims to support. While he enjoys the luxuries of his lineage, these soldiers are on the front lines, grappling with the harsh truths of conflict. His actions are not those of a concerned citizen but a privileged spectator, throwing stones from golden balconies.

The greatness of a father is measured by his ability to recognize that his children are better than him. I can proudly say that about my daughter, Fernanda. Netanyahu definitively cannot say the same about his spoiled, stupid, and reckless Yair. Don’t cry now, Daddy’s little boy.

This latest outburst from Yair is not just another footnote in the annals of the Netanyahu family drama; it is a glaring example of how insulated privilege can breed a dangerous sense of entitlement. It’s a stark reminder that leadership is not inherited but earned through real-world challenges and responsible dialogue. Yair Netanyahu, in his cavalier disregard for the gravity of his words, shows he is not just out of touch but dangerously so.

The elder Netanyahu may wield power, but his son wields recklessness, and Israel cannot afford such folly. Yair, it’s time to retreat once more into silence, for your voice brings not clarity but chaos.

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As a Brazilian, Jewish, and humanist writer, I embody a rich cultural blend that influences my worldview and actions. Six years ago, I made the significant decision to move to Israel, a journey that not only connects me to my ancestral roots but also positions me as an active participant in an ongoing dialogue between the past, present, and future. My Latin American heritage and life in Israel have instilled a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, and justice. Through my writing, I delve into themes of authoritarianism, memory, and resistance, aiming not just to reflect on history but to actively contribute to the shaping of a more just and equitable future. My work is an invitation for reflection and action, aspiring to advance human dignity above all.
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