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Don’t Let This Blog Get You Heated Up

Sometimes Hot Air is Useful (Free to Use from Pixabay on Pexels)

Turn off HD video to help save the planet, government tells suppliers
(The Telegraph 26 December 2021)

The United Kingdom’s Cabinet Office has asked suppliers to use HTML file format rather than PDF to share information in order to reduce energy consumption.
This is a step in the right direction but there is much more we could and should do to save the Planet.

We should oil all the door hinges in our houses. If you think I have become unhinged, consider this. The extra heating caused by the friction of an unoiled hinge contributes to Global Warming. A quick glance at the statistics shows that there are some 7.9 billion people in the world. That gives us roughly 2.3 billion houses, each with 5 rooms. So, we are looking at more than 20 billion hinges. Every time you open a door, you are changing the climate. Better yet, remove all doors, we wouldn’t have to wonder what’s behind the green door. (For younger readers, The Green Door was a popular song back in 1956.)

Another contributor to global warming is smoking. No, not the life-endangering smoking of cigarettes, this is the smoking of food. We humans have been smoking various foods from time immemorial. Although meat and fish are the most common smoked foods, cheeses and vegetables are also helping to change the climate. Yes, to save the planet we must give up our smoked salmon.

Surprisingly, we should use our cars as much as possible. Walking is bad, cycling even worse. After a cycling trip, we need a hot shower, and our sweat-soaked clothes need a wash. A waste of water and soap. And the dirty, soapy water must be disposed of, which uses energy and adds to global warming. Our cars do not need a wash; we can tell who cares most about our planet from the layers of dirt on our cars. My own car has not been washed since the day I bought it.

A major contribution to Global Warming is “hot air” – empty talk that is intended to impress. If we would all keep quiet, the planet might cool down. I will try to help and say nothing until my next blog.

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