Dumber Than a Box of Rocks

Like many working stiffs, I have multiple jobs. Between work and commute, I am exhausted and hit the net and get my dose of the small screen before I go to bed. I try to stay away from politics, although it is hard with the continuing not so comic reality show running in the White House. In my opinion, POTUS stopped being funny about two years ago. However, even Donald the Dumb Dumb never seems to underperform.

I caught a YouTube video of one of my favorite British comedians James Corden on the Late Show. He shared this clip of the Donald saying a zinger that seems to indicate the president needs a geography lesson, badly I might add:

Later, the governor of Colorado tweeted a mocking reply:

Laughing and sharing the Tweet on my Facebook and Twitter feeds (including four US Army veterans groups from my old unit in Germany), I added a quote from my officer basic course instructor in his Southern drawl about someone being “dumber than a box of rocks.” Within minutes, I then got this message from Facebook.

Changes to What Group Admins Can See

This message is just for your information. It is not in response to anything you’ve posted, and does not mean we’ve removed any of your content. Our Community Standards help keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone. If we find that content in a group goes against the Community Standards, we remove it from Facebook. We may also tell the group’s admins which standard the content violated, and in some cases we may allow the group admins to see the removed content for up to 7 days.

Hitting a crazy emoji, I posted the Zuckerberg nonsense on my feed and added: I still maintain Donald Trump is dumber than a box of rocks for not knowing CO does not share a border with Mexico. See you in a few days.

Ironically, you would have just thought I’d posted porno instead of pointing out that the Donald had his pants down around his ankles.

Well, I’m still on FB. However, it really does make you wonder why the meshuganahs at Twitter allow the world’s most powerful man child to harass and threaten journalists, propose Civil War if he’s impeached and in general cause planet wide mayhem while the gods at FB find fault with me for pointing out the obvious, although in subtle, Orwellian doublespeak. Seemingly, the “Community Standards help keep Facebook safe and welcoming” for the Incredible Bulk. All else can genuflect and and shut their mouths while kissing the holy corporate tuchus.

We truly live in weird times, commanded by weirdos. However, Israel’s greatest ally has spoken. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

About the Author
Akiva ben Avraham is a former community college adjunct, US Army intelligence analyst and officer, and a caregiver.
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