Either Israel Is an Occupier or She Is Not! Get Your Story Straight, People

A street in Jenin, 2011. (Almonroth [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons0
A street in Jenin, 2011. (Almonroth [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons0

Developers of the website, Welcome to Palestine, seem to regard Israel as occupying what now falls under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority. On their “About” page, they write [emphasis added]:

Despite arriving with a balanced understanding of the conflict, only by being inside the infamous separation barrier did we learn the reality of life under occupation.

The purpose of the website is to be nonpolitical and to show the people and places behind the newspaper headlines. They do not really live up to that goal of being nonpolitical but then, that is very hard to do when talking about Israel and/or the Palestinian Arabs.

In promoting Jenin as a tourist destination, the website points out how wonderful the city is. It does make it seem like an interesting place to go, but let us look at the last two sentences in the section introducing Jenin:

Screenshot from:

If you cannot see them clearly, those last two sentences say [emphasis added]:

Jenin was actually the first city to be freed from Israeli occupation in November 1995 after 27 years. It was transferred to the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo Agreement.

So either Jenin is occupied or it is not. Seems that when the contract was signed agreeing to the facts on the ground, there was no longer an occupation. So it is time to get over it and deal with the truth when discussing Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. Only after the truth is part of the equation will a workable solution to the conflict arise.

Criticize Israel if you find fault with how she operates, but at least criticize what Israel really does and not what propagandists who hate the idea of a Jewish state want you to believe.

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