Electing any Democrat-POTUS empowers Iran’s intent to destroy Israel – Part I

The JCPOA [a.k.a. “Iran-Nuke Capitulation-Act”]—favored by Biden and opposed by Trump—legitimized Iran acquiring the Bomb.

It is vital to refute pro-Biden essays such as that composed on this site by fellow-Philadelphian Burt Siegel, for his progressive narrative threatens to unleash the mullahs that President Trump has labored to rebuff; the resulting danger to Israel and America would yield a nuclear Tehran—as I have repeatedly warned— threatening what President Trump has painstakingly achieved.

Siegel’s allegation that Trump failed to handle the Covid-19 Pandemic optimally will be refuted in a subsequent essay; the focus here is on what’s unstated regarding anti-Iran foreign policy, quoted in-toto from the websites of Biden and Trump. Throughout, recall that the Defense Secretary during the Obama-Biden Administration, Robert Gates, “stands by his statement that Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy question.”

* * *

Their dramatic contrast regarding non-Iranian parameters is profound. Trump [1]—proposed a “Deal of the Century” recognizing the Biblical roots of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem; [2]—recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel; [3]—relocated the American Embassy to Jerusalem; and [4]—ended UNRWA funding (because it supports anti-Jewish indoctrination and terrorists). Biden [1]—opposes Israeli settlement expansion; [2]—opposes annexation of the West Bank; [3]—supports reopening the U.S. Consulate in East Jerusalem; and [4]—endorses restoration of economic and humanitarian assistance to the  Palestinian Arabs.

Trump:  “During his first international trip, President Trump pushed for a coalition of nations to confront Iran and attended the opening of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. It was created to empower Muslim-majority countries in fighting radicalization. The Trump Administration imposed new sanctions on Iran following attacks on U.S. and allied troops in Iraq by the Iranian military….” More recently, “the United States accused Tehran of defying the UN resolution endorsing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.”

Biden [Jewish Outreach]:  “Biden took historic steps to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The Obama-Biden Administration imposed crippling multilateral sanctions, which brought Iran to negotiations, paving the way for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that prevented a nuclear-armed Iran….Hold Iran’s government accountable and rejoin a diplomatic agreement to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, if Iran returns to compliance with the JCPOA, using renewed commitment to diplomacy to work with our allies to strengthen and extend the Iran deal, and push back against Iran’s other destabilizing actions.”

Biden [American Leadership]:  “The historic Iran nuclear deal, negotiated by the Obama-Biden administration alongside our allies and other world powers, blocked Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Yet Trump decided to cast it aside, prompting Iran to restart its nuclear program and become more provocative, bringing the region to the cusp of another disastrous war. If Tehran returns to compliance with the deal, President Biden would re-enter the agreement, using hard-nosed diplomacy and support from our allies to strengthen and extend it, while more effectively pushing back against Iran’s other destabilizing activities….Biden will end the forever wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, which have cost us untold blood and treasure. As he has long argued, Biden will bring the vast majority of our troops home from Afghanistan and narrowly focus our mission on Al-Qaeda and ISIS. And he will end our support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Staying entrenched in unwinnable conflicts only drains our capacity to lead on other issues that require our attention, and it prevents us from rebuilding the other instruments of American power….We will also [sustain] an ironclad commitment to Israel’s security….He will end our support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.”

* * *

Almost a year ago, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) updated Bush 43’s “Axis of Evil” to encompass China, Russia, North Korea and Iran; thus, it’s necessary to recount the latest provocations by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and their acolytes in Yemen and Libya, noting that a Gaza-based Amnesty International consultant was detained (and has disappeared) after having been accused of turning in other Gazans for video chatting with Israelis. Of course, Iran’s nuclear program continues, as Iran’s General Salami unveiled a magnetic ‘bipolar Coronavirus remote detector’ as a distraction from its burgeoning crisis.

Illustrative of Iran’s nefarious outreach that Biden ignores and Trump tackles is how to implement a crackdown to address the unshakeable Iran-Venezuela alliance; only Trump recognizes that socialism inevitably leads to Iran hauling gold bars out of Venezuela’s almost-empty vaults, prompting proposals that the U.S. should prepare to block Iran from airlifting supplies to Venezuela.

Whereas the Chavez-Maduro hegemony blossomed under Obama-Biden, Trump has “messaged” Maduro by dispatching a special U.S. Army Unit to the Colombia-Venezuela border. Indeed, after a recent showdown, Maduro celebrated the end of Ramadan (Eid) with the arrival of Iranian fuel; as a result, Trump has weighed measures to disrupt Iran’s oil shipments to Venezuela, such as sanctioning oil tanker shippers.

One of the indicia of Trump’s success against Iran is that the Ayatollah was reduced to committing arson at the Tomb of Mordechai and Esther; follow-up articles will detail Iran’s nefarious behavior that Trump is scrupulously countering.

ANYONE who ponders supporting Biden over Trump cannot be prioritizing Israel’s durable existence.

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Robert B. Sklaroff MD is a physician-activist who is a radical, liberal, moderate, conservative, reactionary [depending upon the topic] who has developed many political stances that scrupulously attempt to identify the "nut" of "hot" issues; although predictions are notoriously deficient [as assiduously chronicled by my son], my insights are durable. I have also written about medical politics [particularly Vaping and ObamaDon'tCare] and have attempted to articulate the action-item [that I have often pursued absent support]. Aggressively followed is the discipline of capturing and then addressing all reputable perspectives; the reader is thereby maximally "armed" to critique the output.
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