Electing any Democrat-POTUS empowers ObamaGate Grifters – Part 13 – Flynn [f/u]

Previously discussed has been a Unified Theory Of Spygate [The (Partial) Story And Scope (As We Know It So Far)], particularly as it relates to the origins of the impeachment inquiry against Trump and the FBI Document that got Crossfire Hurricane started; another method of depicting the Making of a Myth is to refresh recollections by noting a Timeline of Fake News/DNC Media’s Role in Selling ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’ Fairy Tale.

Aware of this info (and probably a lot more), AG-Barr criticized the Inspector General Report on the Russia Investigation and the DoJ dropped the Flynn criminal case; that’s when the Dems/Media targeted him, as per Jonathan Turley (and others).

Barr didn’t stop with noting the “spying” (albeit without having assessed the “predicate”) when he characterized ObamaGate as “The Closest We Have Come to an Organized Effort to Push a President Out of Office”; he blasted the coup attempt, triggered when the FBI decided to “Lay a Perjury Trap for Flynn” (that had been set by Comey, who had been “spring-loaded’ to probe Trump’s campaign).

Barr hinted that more information will be released on the “whole pattern of conduct”  that could include a probe into why Mueller “ignored” evidence of Russian disinformation in the Steele Dossier that he had been responsible to accomplish; parenthetically, he said it was ”infuriating” that Adam Schiff keeps insisting there had been collusion following the “collapse” of “RussiaGate.”

Schiff “Knew All Along” that there was no proof of Russia-Trump Collusion, explaining why he demanded  the DNI Not Share Evidence From House Intelligence Committee’s Russia Investigation with the White House; after Grenell/Trump pressured him to release Russia investigation witness transcripts, their exposure prompted Schiff to go on a Delusional Rant after they showed he’d lied.

These undeniable facts prompted nearly 2K former DoJ officials called for him to resign, and Kamala Harris to concur, and former-AG Holder to claim Barr is “doing all that he can to weaken the DoJ, and a top Mueller prosecutor to testify as a Whistleblower against Barr.

From the Media perspective, that is why NBC’s Chuck Todd Todd “faceplanted” a deceptive video of Barr by boldly taking a section of Barr answering a question from Catherine Herridge and lying about what he had said; Todd said (on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” the longest-running TV show), “He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law,” despite Barr having also specifically said in the rest of the answer, “It was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law.”

After Herridge retweeted the key portion of the interview, NBC News merely chose to admit it had “inadvertently and inaccurately cut short” the clip; NBC’s Chuck Todd apologized On-Air for playing this deceptively edited quote from Barr, but added it hadn’t been his fault.

A DoJ spokesperson attacked NBC and Trump called for Chuck Todd to be fired; this explains why majorities still believe debunked Fake News about Trump and Russia.


Although the Courts have been silent (and Judge Emmet Sullivan cancelled his court’s effort to litigate ObamaGate), it’s again desirable to assess whether Sullivan has been handling the Flynn case “just fine”;  recall again my “amicus” filing (a procedure Sullivan had previously denied) that suggested Sullivan recapitulate how, in 2009, he had dismissed an ethics conviction against former/late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and had appointed a special counsel to investigate the FBI/DoJ prosecutorial misconduct.

The newly-released exculpatory evidence showed that the FBI had concluded the Flynn probe was “No Longer a Viable Case” in Jan 2017 (although that didn’t stop Rogue Strzok); that’s why dismissing the Flynn case will preserve justice, for the Government could not prevail.

Rather than recusing himself or considering a criminal contempt charge against Flynn, however, Sullivan could convert his quandary into a positive undertaking while neither politicizing nor dismissing the case; for example, it matters not (legally) that Sullivan had previously arranged a speaking gig for James Comey at Howard University for $100,000.

Pivotal is the fact that the top prosecutor Brandon Van Grack, who had moved to withdraw from the Flynn Case, had made a “side deal“ with Flynn’s former defense team not to prosecute Flynn’s son to pressure Flynn into pleading guilty to lying to FBI investigators (mooting his “admission“); not to be forgotten is how my viewpoint finesses concern based on separation of powers under rule 48(a).

This would also forestall withering legal attack from people such as Attorney Sol Wisenberg (“If the Government Wants to Dismiss a Case, The District Court Cannot Refuse to Do So!”) and Mark Chenoweth (“The U.S. Supreme Court issued a 9-0 decision, authored by Justice Ginsburg, that took judges to task for similar amicus antics”).

More importantly, it would moot how he had hired Beth Wilkinson and John Gleeson (here’s his brief); it might even prompt him to  ask himself the right question [as previously discussed] ,leading him to recognize that the genesis of the Flynn attack harkens back to Obama’s having pushed the [pro-Nazi] JCPOA, per Lee Smith and per my essays on this topic.

Absent from Gleeson’s vigorous argument was recognition that Gleeson had ruled in 2012 that it would be an “abuse of discretion” for the court not to allow the government to drop a prosecution; in the referenced case, however, the focus was on a “deferred prosecution agreement” rather than dismissal (presumably allowing him to retain jurisdiction, even if it weren’t invoked for an extended time-frame).

As regularly detailed by Dan Bongino (listen @ 50-minutes), what was depicted as devolution Into Court-Weaponized Partisanship was obviated when the Appeals Court ordered Sullivan to dismiss the Flynn Case (Decision Embedded); Justice for Flynn (even though he wasn’t a “virgin,” noting his work for Turkey) served as a Seminal Moment in the War Against the Deep State, prompting Trump to say he might bring ‘Exonerated’ Flynn back Into the Administration (although, Sullivan has not yet effectuated his “complete” exoneration).

Flynn lawyers Sidney Powell continues to claim Flynn was “set up” as the FBI denies reports of exculpatory evidence cover-up (which only makes it look worse); reflecting underlying concern, however, is the fact that the FBI is reviewing the Flynn Case to examine if FBI employees engaged in misconduct.

Ominously, Hugh Hewitt has observed that revelations (c/o input of former Acting AG Yates and notes of former Acting Assistant AG for National Security McCord) that—shockingly—the FBI hadn’t answered to the DoJ generally and the AG specifically; he concluded Flynn could sue for millions.


Putting aside the Sullivan/Flynn stalemate, it’s instructive to probe who leaked Flynn’s (unmasked) name to Deep State Reporter Michael Isikoff (noting the claim that it occurred at Obama’s behest); apparently, the initial Flynn-Kislyak Leak to WaPo Reporter Adam Entous came directly from “sources” who described to him what had been seen in a transcript.

Angst regarding how D.C. continuously leaks may be alleviated by noting the top five ways to hold Trump-Russia Hoaxers Accountable, for hundreds of people (from top intelligence and law enforcement agencies, political operatives, shadowy donors, shady research firms, #Resistance media, foreign spies and diplomats with influential roles) have collectively trafficked in espionage, libel, slander, criminal leaks and conspiracy theories for years; ObamaGate, therefore, is the “crime WAVE of the century”!

A US Attorney is investigating the 2017 Flynn leak to the WaPo, but exposing Deep State leaks is difficult; it is rare when someone such as Trey Gowdy identifies reporters who allegedly peddled misleading Adam Schiff leaks.

Team Biden “attacked the messenger” after the Biden/Ukraine tapes leaked, after scrutinizing documents that may shed light on what occurred; not surprisingly, the media echoed the Dems’ efforts to shift from reviewing content to blaming Russia for their release.

“Candidates” for the leaker-role who have denied involvement include the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment Director James Baker (not to be confused with the former FBI General Counsel) and Former acting-AG (and “Deep State Hack”) Sally Yates (who allegedly lied to Congress about Flynn, Russia and Logan Act in May 2017); some are planned, such as Obama’s leaked call when he decried the dropping of the Flynn charges.


A dark-horse candidate for leaker-of-the-year could be Rod Rosenstein, whose childhood home is in a township contiguous to where I live and “one step removed” from where I grew up [Lower Moreland, Abington and Cheltenham, respectively]; I was tremendously disappointed when I heard him speak about “justice” @ the National Constitution Center ~two years ago (where he praised SCOTUS’s Jackson), and my opinion has descended from there.

Dan Bongino noted why Rosenstein was the first witness before an ObamaGate Senate Committee, for he is in deep trouble because he did nothing after the FBI told him that Trump was NOT a suspect (during 4/28/2017 and 5/23/2017 meetings), as per the FBI 302s (summary written by an FBI agent following an interview); listen to discussion of this bombshell between 20-40 minute marks.

Rosenstein’s “Mueller Investigation Scope” memo confirmed the baselessness of the Trump–Russia Probe; this peddled the Steele Dossier and Logan Act Conspiracy Theories, revealing the worst of ObamaGate.

In addition to his role in the allegedly improper targeting of Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page, it is recalled by Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton that he had planned to wear a WIRE while conversing with Trump; this may partially explain why reporter Adam Housley feels the names-to-watch are McMaster, Rosenstein and John McCain (although I continue to focus on Brennan, Clapper and Comey as the enforcers).


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