Electing any Democrat-POTUS empowers ObamaGate grifters – Part VI – Flynn Win

Two YUGE events transpired yesterday, both related to ObamaGate; the mandate that General Michael Flynn be exonerated PRECISELY tracked my unique input, and the revelation that Flynn had been prosecuted due to direct orders from Obama/Biden (per a Peter Strzok memo) had been predicted in prior blogs.

The Appeals Court Ordered Judge Sullivan to dismiss the criminal case against Flynn, to wit:

ORDERED that Flynn’s petition for a writ of mandamus be granted in part; the District Court is directed to grant the government’s Rule 48(a) motion to dismiss….

Note the five prior essays in this series [Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V] published c/o Times of Israel captured BOTH all available articles AND essays that were contrary to my argument; the battle-plan that had been effectuated mandated that uploaded analyses be employed when composing my Filing to the District Court [BRIEF AMICUS CURIAE SUPPORTING *PARTIAL* DENIAL OF THE GOVERNMENT’S MOTION TO DISMISS].

Recall that—after split-second timing—it was “served” via e-mail to all involved attorneys, 48 hours prior to oral argument before the appellate court AND that its contents were explicitly cited before the three-judge panel during colloquy; then note that the idea of a “partial” mandamus had not previously been raised by anyone (both in the legal filings and in the multitude of op-eds that this case has spawned).

Although he can appeal to the en banc court, it’s more likely that Sullivan will dismiss the charges against Flynn (particularly noting the additional revelations that emerged, vide infra); he can then RETAIN the case so that he can investigate how the prosecutorial misconduct occurred (parallel to Durham/Bash).

Although I’m not accustomed to recommending The New Yorker, it provides an elaboration on the Stevens matter; again noting the web of Dems involved throughout ObamaGate, know that Judge Sullivan’s appointed “stand-in” Judge Gleeson represented crooked Sally Yates and worked with Mueller’s pitbull Andrew Weissmann.

Two extended essays explore the Railroading of Michael Flynn (how it happened and why it matters) by Eli Lake and How Russiagate Began With Obama’s Iran Deal Domestic Spying Campaign (because Michael Flynn posed a threat to the former president’s legacy and was made to pay for it) BY LEE SMITH; this latter essay (claiming ObamaGate began with Obama’s Iran Deal and his domestic spying campaign on Flynn who promised to publicize Obama’s Secret Deals with Iran) harkens back to multiple essays I wrote against the JCPOA (“Iran-Nuke Capitulation-Pact”) starting more than a half-decade ago (e.g.The House must sue to block illegal Iran pact).

In hindsight, it’s imperative to probe why Flynn’s initial lawfirm (Covington and Burling) had defied a Court Request, having resisted turning over Eric Holder’s ‘phone records on the Flynn case; my son would mandate that I reference Flynn’s problematic links to Turkey.

Within these contexts, it’s imperative to appreciate the Clinton “Deep State” Network as it has matured over the decades, along with an INFOGRAPHIC that depicts the timeline of the FBI’s FISA abuse in the Trump campaign investigation; then note how Andrew McCarthy elucidates the explosive Flynn scandal.

After reviewing these essays, note how their details mesh with the Unified Theory Of Spygate [The (Partial) Story And Scope (As We Know It So Far)]; then note how the latest “newly found” DoJ/FBI documents illustrate how Strzok nailed Obama/Biden as masterminds behind the Flynn probe as revealed during a key period before the White House Meeting on Michael Flynn.


ObamaGate exerted collateral damage on Roger Stone, who was convicted despite the fact that the DoJ lied, for it had no proof that Russia had given any e-mails to WikiLeaks; then, despite overt/documentary bias by the jury forewoman, the presiding Judge denied Stone’s motion for a new trial.

One of the many outrages that occurred—paralleling how the DoJ/Mueller extorted guilty pleas from Flynn—is that the Special Counsel recommended “No Jail Time” if Stone had turned on Trump; he refused to lie (resolute behavior that could be predicted when it’s recalled that Stone has a tattoo of President Richard Milhous Nixon on his back).

It is indeed curious, particularly when tracing the dramatis personae of ObamaGate, that Jeannie Rhee oversaw Stone’s case for the Office of Special Counsel; she had represented Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in the e-mail case and had given the maximum contribution to Hillary’s campaigns in 2008 and 2016 as well as to Obama in 2008.

Noting this background, the Dems on the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing that starred former Special Counsel Prosecutor Zelinsky; he claimed (without naming names) that political pressure had been exerted to “treat Stone differently” (emanating, presumably from President Trump).

This Deep State Attorney Zelinsky had lied regarding Papadapolous and had pushed for Stone to die in prison; it’s difficult to explain why Mueller Prosecutor Zelinsky had pushed the Feds to examine e-mails between a Hasidic doctor who had promoted HCQ treatment for COVID-19 and Jerome Corsi, particularly noting that a judge had tossed Jerome Corsi’s lawsuit against Roger Stone and Michael Caputo.

In any case, Stone is now ungagged and he has now advocated for FBI Director Christopher Wray to be fired; noting how he had obstructed discovery consistently, it would seem apt to supplant him with either Flynn or Grenell (on the day following the election).


Having accumulated 500+ Flynn-related articles during the past three years, it is instructive to assess them in segments (although many are mooted when noting what just transpired); first, note the perspicacity of Flynn’s Lawyer Sidney Powell.

She has been highlighted by Dan Bongino as she was busy showing Comey & Co. had committed prosecutable crimes when targeting Flynn and Trump; it is possible that Durham/Barr will complete an “investigation of the investigators” consistent with her revelations.

She  correctly predicted that Sullivan’s Proposed Amicus Brief Has No Place in This Court; her response to Gleeson was that it constituted a “Wrap-Up Smear.”

Note a few of her bombshells:  [1]—Comey and Co. had prosecuted Flynn so that he and Trump wouldn’t expose their crimes, for Flynn Was the “First Key Part of Their Insurance Policy”; [2]—documents yet to be released “Are Even More Stunning”; and [3]—confirmed there’s no discussion of sanctions in the Flynn-Kislyak call with Russian Diplomat when noting the transcripts thereof, proving that the liars were the FBI and Mueller, but not Flynn!

Her vision was predictable, noting a piece she wrote on 10/10/2014Sex, Lies, and . . . White House Counsel; Ruemmler Blunders Into Secret Service Mess.


Stone’s problem with FBI Director Christopher Wray was not probed during his “hot” interview on FNC with Bret Baier (immediately following these epochal breaking-news events); also not assessed was the claim that Wray’s FBI Cannot Be Trusted for, per Acting DNI Ric Grenell, the FBI is no longer delivering the Threats briefings to candidates.

It has been alleged that personal relationships were behind his resistance to disclosing information regarding the Flynn case (among others); it’s this pattern of behavior that has prompted Jim Jordan to go after Wray for hiding unbelievable crimes from the public.

Dan Bongino has observed, for example, that he had hidden Joe Pientka (for the alleged “Hack” was Another Hoax; and it’s unclear why Chris Wray had promoted “Terrorist of a Prosecutor” Andrew Weissmann.

In addition, top FBI lawyer (Dana Boente), under fire for his role in Crossfire Hurricane, was forced to resigned; Wray had picked him to be the FBI’s general counsel in January 2018, despite the fact that Boente had been the only active government official who had signed off on one of the FISA warrants targeting onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

FBI has defended Wray by attacking prior leadership c/o  James Comey (such as when it issued a statement regarding newly released Flynn documents); in response, even Comey’s friend Wittes “advised” that Wray “should be careful” about criticizing “prior leadership.”

After it had been alleged that Wray had been pushed to withhold exculpatory evidence In the Flynn case, Republican lawmakers demanded that he review the Bureau’s handling of the Flynn probe (which has prompted him to order an internal review of the Flynn investigation).

That Sens. Grassley And Johnson requested him to turn over all FBI records on Crossfire Hurricane is potentially telling; Grassley wants to know “What Did Obama And Biden Know And When Did They Know It?

Grassley had seemed pleased when he had learned that Mueller had the newest DOJ/FBI docs on Flynn; yet, he felt compelled to play hardball when he lifted a hold on Counterintel Chief Nominee Evanina only after AG Barr and DNI Grenell had released the Russia probe documents.


Finally, recognize how former acting-DNI Ric Grenell’s accomplished a tremendous amount (internally and externally) in such a brief time-frame, after he was plucked from being America’s Ambassador to Germany (where he had “told it like it is”); he has praised a career intelligence official who had served as his top deputy).

He had sensed that “There were red flags early on in the Russia Investigation” and that the Deep State had classified and hid them [listen to at the 25:00 minute mark].



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