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Electing any Democrat-POTUS empowers ObamaGate Grifters – Part XIV – Durham???

First, before providing additional follow-up context on ObamaGate—and why it matters—it’s desirable to again highlight the news-summaries of “*Ace of Spades*” [7/7/2020] & AND c/o “*PJMedia*” [7/6/2020 and 7/7/2020]; the perceptions conveyed continue to be right-on regarding lotsa “hot” issues, even as many hyperlinks overlap. {Reminder:  Hyperlinks below that are surrounded by asterisks (*) are amenable to being read in their entirety.}

Permeating these articles have been patriotic references (such as this praise for *“Old Glory”*) that often linked to President Trump’s speeches over the weekend, particularly at Mt. Rushmore; the intros to the news digests [see above] are introduced by essays that convey angst regarding how previously iconic Mt. Rushmore has been cancelled by the Dems/Media AND that often convey relief that his nationalistic resolve has finally been articulated.

CNN praised it when Obama visited (“Majestic, Quite a Sight”) but condemned it when Trump visited (“Monument to Two Slave Owners”); to ensure no one missed this shift, a CNN reporter claimed it had been carved on land “wrestled away from Native Americans.”

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem vowed there would be no attack on the carvings (even as The Hill ran a false “Confederate Statues” headline on her speech) and social media predictably found reasons to blast former E.T. host Mary Hart for being present; the Media’s swift and dishonest “reporting” on Trump’s speech is conveyed in this supercut of the Media’s and Left’s pre-Trump reverence for Mt. Rushmore.

The DNC bashed Mt. Rushmore, although the Dems deleted a Tweet targeting Mt. Rushmore over “White Supremacy”; anyone who actually watched/read the speech would have to draw a conclusion that Trump turned the tables on the Dems by encapsulating the contributions of the four presidents depicted within a larger context addressing the need to honor “history” instead of bowing to terrorists who are burning cities in an effort to destroy Western Civilization.

An Oglala Indian leader (who had just been released from jail due to drunk-driving charges) joined a chorus of Native Americans who condemned Trump’s visit to the Black Hills and called for the “removal of Mt. Rushmore”; apparently, Mt. Rushmore was to be targeted with destructiveness comparable to the 1619 riots triggered by Mr. Floyd’s death, as a band of “woke Taliban” was coming for these Presidents.

Protesters were emboldened by the WaPo (that falsely accused Trump of endorsing “white domination” in his speech) and the NY-Times (that disingenuously claimed this monument to slave owner Presidents on indigenous land endorsed KKK-ties and that Trump’s speech was “dark and divisive”); as a result, perhaps, protesters slashed tires and blocked roads approaching Mt. Rushmore prior to the event.


As noted episodically during prior explorations of ObamaGate, it is lamentable that most voters believe the Steele Dossier is accurate despite the mountain of evidence that it is not; a key explanation is that reporters who worked the Russian Collusion/Delusion beat haven’t covered serial Steele Dossier Bombshells, such as when publications ignored the report (via declassified Horowitz footnotes) that the FBI had information that Obama officials knew the Steele Dossier was part of a “Russian disinformation campaign.”

Performing an forensic autopsy is hampered because the author of the bogus Anti-Trump Russia Dossier now claims all his collusion evidence was destroyed; thus, it will be difficult to discern why the Dossier author told John McCain’s aide of an unfounded Flynn affair rumor.

Recalling the prior in-depth discussion of how General Michael Flynn had been targeted by Obama’s minions, it continues to be intriguing that—although he had been ordered to dismiss the Flynn case a fortnight ago—Judge Sullivan hasn’t complied with the circuit court mandate, potentially ending the entire matter; recall that, instead, Sullivan had hired Wilkinson only days after she had represented Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills in a Sullivan-related deposition.

Flynn had been targeted because “He knew the billions Brennan and Company were running off the books”; now, in response, the new Flynn legal team is “pulling on a thread” that could unravel the entire Deep State “sweater.”

There’s tremendous grist for “conspiracy theorists,” for Michael Flynn recited an oath of office using a slogan (“Where we go one, we go all!”) associated with QAnon [information I report because it’s “all over the Internet” (including in one comment to a previously composed blog) but seems insufficiently justified]; of far greater moment is the claim that Robert Litt Knew An Awful Lot about these goings-on.

Meanwhile, wrongly-convicted Roger Stone asked an appeals court to delay the start of his prison sentence until September, for the judge has tried to force Stone to report in a week where release had been granted to a pedophile and a wire and bank fraud convict (due to Covid-19 concerns); this is why Jeffrey Lord feels Stone’s fate reflects on how corrupt justice intends to “drown” him by incarceration.


No update of the key-players would be complete without reprising how MSNBC’s O’Donnell had given Biden a complete pass on the Flynn unmasking question and how Biden had changed his story again about Flynn when exclaiming he hadn’t been aware of a “criminal” investigation;  what we know about Biden and the unmasking of Flynn includes awareness that the day Biden asked to unmask Flynn is the same day info was leaked to the WaPo.

Regardless of such speculation, Biden was at ground zero of the Flynn plot and, after he had said he had no knowledge of the Flynn probe, he admitted he had been aware “they” had asked for an investigation of Flynn.

This minimal set of queries prompted a Biden aide to unloads inappropriately on “partisan, rightwing hack” Catherine Herridge for having reported on Flynn; later, trying to mount a cogent defense, Biden charged that the DoJ had dropped the Flynn charges to “divert attention” from the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has recently been postulated that the Benghazi terror attacks had led to the initiation of Crossfire Hurricane (intended to bury any claim of Hillary being legally culpable); along the way, I wrote of *The Trump Jr. MacGuffin* to convey how the Media are constantly engaged in diversionary tactics.

Finally, it was encouraging that Sen. Grassley pressed the pentagon think tank [ONA] over its relationship with Halper; it was doubly encouraging that Sen. Grassley lamented that it appeared ”The Deep State Is So Deep that its people get away with crimes.”


The final item-of-business is to report the impact of a colloquy with the “Blogs of ToI” Editor regarding the desire to satisfy what will now be the coda of forthcoming entries (an insertion that was first invoked yesterday):  “{Author’s Note:  Hyperlinks in this piece eschew those that have not met criteria established by NewsGuard.}”

I had accumulated info from myriad sources, including three that—unbeknownst to me—were viewed by NewsGuard as potentially unreliable; thus, I was urged to expunge all such cites.

{This wasn’t as easy as had been anticipated, for placing the cursor over the hyperlink often did not identify the actual publication; furthermore, some authors from these sources published on sites other than Gateway Pundit, The Federalist, and RedState.}

This was, as they say, “new information” (and I await a reply from the RedState Editor as to what he would wish to do about this discovery); thus, I compiled a list of sources for yesterday’s post that passed muster:  ABC, Biz Pac Review, , Bloomberg, Dan Bongino, Breitbart, CBS, Cornell Law, CNN, Daily Caller, Debevoise Lawfirm, Epoch Times, Forbes, Fox News, Harvard Harris Poll, Heritage, Hugh Hewitt, International Journal Review, John Solomon, Law, National Review, Newsmax, New York Post, Picsart, Seattle Times, Sharyl Attkisson, Tablet, The Atlantic, The Hill, The Lid, Twitter, Washington Examiner, Washington Post, Western Journalism, Yahoo, and You Tube.

Each subsequent submission will highlight additional sources, such as (today’s) PJMedia and Ace of Spades; and it is recalled that additional sources have been invoked in prior essays (e.g., Daily Wire, Free Beacon, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Times).

The reader should appreciate that info is drawn from across the political spectrum, although the “etymologies” of some sites haven’t been plumbed; paywalls are eschewed unless it’s necessary to cite a primary piece (NY-Times) and some hyperlinks are imprecise (Twitter) as has been noted in “The Daybreak Insider” (which arrives M-F @ ~6 a.m. E.D.T.).

This information is shared for two reasons:  [1]—It provides guidance to other bloggers (and current events consumers) as to this concern regarding publication sites; and [2]—It illustrates the degree to which my postings (despite current antipathy toward Dems, for well-explained reasons) are not properly pigeon-holed as reflexly-conservative.

{Disclaimer:  Regardless of the rating system used by “NewsGuard,” you should know:  [1]—I once attended a “Red State” Gathering (meeting then-Guv. Haley and Sen. Scott) before it evolved dramatically (Erick Erickson was supplanted by “Streiff” who has revamped authors, while Erickson started The Resurgent); [2]—I find Red State “colorful”; and [3]—I found “The Gateway Pundit” to be excessively pro-Trump (and anti-Cruz) and, thus, didn’t monitor it until it published ObamaGate info that hadn’t yet been disseminated by others (before I discovered Dan Bongino, John Solomon and Sidney Powell); since then, it claimed that a “neutral” entity (Snopes) used a local Crips member and Islamist fanatic to attack its credibility and the conduct of Catholics during a rally at a St. Louis Statue on Independence Day that Lefties wanted to remove (while renaming the city).}

In ALL instances, the HEALTHY process of tracing original info to its origin has obviated depending upon these sites, and if ANYONE knows of any other “soft” resources that I have invoked, PLEASE so-inform; otherwise, I have absolutely “0” problem abiding by “NewsGuard” when conveying key data within these meta-analyses, for this discipline affords maximal protection against never-Trumpers and faux-Zionists who tend to attack without the ability to document assertions.

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