Embracing the Politically Incorrect

There are some of us who choose to dwell in the realm of the “politically incorrect.” It can often mean receiving lots of hate, threats, and even “shadowbanning” online. While not everyone sees this as their purpose in life or is comfortable with all of that, I suggest that more of us in the Jewish world have to be ready, willing, and able to embrace the power of the politically incorrect truth about Israel and the Jewish people. It is only when we are prepared to stand up and be the voice of clarity rather than cow to the cultural expectations of the day that we can pave the way for a more robust, prouder, and more optimistic future for all of us. In a world where political correctness often trumps honesty and integrity, it’s time to reclaim our narrative and assert our identity with unwavering confidence.

We all know and have seen that the truth about Israel and the Jewish people is often distorted and misrepresented in the media and on the world stage. From baseless accusations of apartheid to absurd claims of colonialism, the reality of our existence in our ancestral homeland is clouded by a fog of misinformation and prejudice. But we refuse to be defined by the lies of our detractors. We are a proud and ancient people with a rich history and a vibrant culture that spans millennia. And it’s time to reclaim our narrative from those seeking to delegitimize our existence.

Moreover, embracing the politically incorrect truth about Israel and the Jewish people is not just about asserting our own identity; it’s about standing up for the rights of all people to live authentically and proudly. In a world rife with intolerance and bigotry, it’s imperative that we create a society where individuals can stand up for their authentic identities without fear of reprisal or persecution. Whether you’re Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or any other faith or ethnicity, you should be able to live your values and express your identity without the threat of violence or discrimination.

This vision of hope extends far beyond the borders of Israel; it’s a vision for all of humanity. It’s a vision of a world where diversity is celebrated, differences are respected, and every individual has the opportunity to flourish and thrive. But achieving this vision requires courage, conviction, and a willingness to confront the uncomfortable truths that lie at the heart of our society.

As we look to the future, let us do so with optimism and determination. Let us embrace the politically incorrect truth about Israel and the Jewish people, knowing that our identity is our greatest strength. And let us work together to build a world where all people can stand up proudly for their authentic identities without fear or hesitation. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Am Yisrael Chai!

We are hosting a conference next week with leaders from around the world in Jerusalem and online discussing “What’s Next?” for Israel. While it is clear that the current war is not winding down despite world pressure, we need to discuss vision and policy for where we are heading. 

The time has come for the Jewish people to insist on a forward-looking roadmap with eyes of optimism and hearts of courage. It is time that Jews around the world, and in Israel, focus on a roadmap for Israel’s future, a bright future, and not just focused on solving problems. The time has come.

About the Author
Originally an organizational psychologist and management consultant, Avi had a career pivot when he worked on the frontlines against the expulsion of the Jewish communities in Gaza. He produced the acclaimed movie “Home Game” on Gush Katif and then founded 12Tribe Films, where he serves as the CEO. He hosts the Pulse of Israel podcast, which provides insights, analysis, and commentary on issues related to Israel and regional and global affairs.
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