Encores to an Empty House

I was a combatant in the terrorist raid on Nahariya in 1979 which resulted in the brutal deaths of 4 Jews including 2 small children. One was accidentally smothered to death by its mother to prevent her from crying while they were hiding, the other intentionally by having her skull crushed by one of the assailants just before surrendering. Unfortunately an officer prevented the soldiers from shooting the murderers so decades later they could be exchanged for the dead bodies of 3 Israeli soldiers.

Over twenty years earlier a Holocaust survivor told me that he stopped believing in G-d when he and other Polish Jews in hiding were being vigorously hunted by the nazis and to prevent a baby from crying out its mother had to smother it. These events resulted in my faith in the G-d of Israel being shaken and my faith in those interpreting the laws of Israel completely shattered.

Our combat soldiers aged 18-21 years are neither lawyers nor magicians, and thus should not be exposed to the capricious and absurd interpretations of the rules of engagement by these practitioners of inverse logic who not only saved the lives of terrorists in Nahariya but subsequently hundreds of their comrades in botched prisoner exchanges that took the lives of so many more Jewish victims. They must enter Jewish history through its rear end and not through the front door of the court martial of a brave young soldier protecting our right to exist.  Their place should be taken by those who will replace the manacles on his hands with a medal for his chest and unshackle the retribution due these Levantine nazis.

It seems that for the longest time the interpretation of these rules of engagement was manipulated to impress a foreign audience – forget that; because Israel lost the media war years ago. All these young human sacrifices to impress a foreign audience that never wanted and still don’t want to be impressed.  The interpretation of our rules of engagement was never meant to have battles for brave soldiers to win and politicians to lose.

Please remember that suicide bombers only became classified as terrorists when their murderous actions took place outside of Israel. Who cares about Israel? Even Tony Blair’s wife stated that if she was a Palestinian she would become a suicide bomber (too bad the head of the Palestinian Authority didn’t grant her immediate citizenship so she could also exercise the “legitimate right of the Palestinian people.”)

Please note that the terrorist bombings in Brussels, so close to the headquarters of the European Union somehow didn’t interrupt their labeling Israeli products to facilitate the boycott of Israeli goods and to foster the demonization and delegitimization of the Jewish state.  Which country in the world lowered flags to honor the thousands of Israeli Jews killed and mangled in all these years of unrelenting Arab terror?  Shouldn’t we realize that it’s high time that our leaders stop taking encores for an empty house.

The world respects winners and history buries losers. Palestinian terrorism will not end when Israel runs out of Jews but when the Jews run out of bullets.

This soldier represents an Israel safe for Jews and deadly for terrorists. This soldier’s actions represent the true rules of engagement of the Israeli army; those that rise up against with the sword will die by the sword.  This child didn’t disappoint us, and the proper example that should be made of him should be a shining one.

About the Author
Daniel Levinson is a U.S. Navy veteran, veteran of the Yom Kippur War, combatant in the terrorist raid of Nahariya, and the father of two reserve officers in the Israeli Army.
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