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Environmentalists Are Lacking Courage

The recent hubbub in Scotland is just the latest example of environmentalists lacking courage. Wealthy people flew in from all over the world using a lot of private jets to get to Scotland, when it could have been set up as a virtual conference. A virtual conference would have reduced pollution that comes with travel, but you cannot have virtual parties.

Those who attended who live in Europe did not even take trains and use already existing ferry services to get to Scotland. Since it was nothing more than the limousine liberals jumping from one position of importance to another, with the next cause will being as equally unimportant to them as what is the current trend.

The limousine liberals do not believe the hype they spin for the press about rapid rising of water. Many of those in attendance have beachfront property they are not willing to give up. If the wealthy believed the water was rising at such a rapid rate as they claim, beachfront property would be considerably cheaper than it is.

Those who weren’t in a financial position to attend had a march that tied up traffic, which caused more emissions from the vehicles they blocked to be released. Blocking traffic does reduce anything they claim they want to reduce.

Greta Thunberg and those with her demanded governments do with less without demanding anything of themselves. They have not given up anything. Those who attended the march use electronic devices that they refuse to stop using. Not one has called for an end to heating in winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Rather than demand from others, perhaps they should have the courage of their convictions. Lead the way rather than demanding others do it for them.

If they really wanted to reduce energy, they could start their own communes that live off the grid. Electricity as a power source is relatively new. Only a century ago, much of the habitable planet had no electrical grids.

From Wikipedia:

“The electrification of households in Europe and North America began in the early 20th century in major cities and in areas served by electric railways and increased rapidly until about 1930 when 70% of households were electrified in the U.S.”

Courage is lacking in most people. It is easier to make demands of others than to do something for themselves.

The demands they make do not show any more courage than their own lack of actions.

There are no environmentalists calling out China for being the largest polluter in the world. Most solar panels are manufactured there, which causes toxic byproducts that China does nothing about.

They oppose dams needed to build hydroelectric generators, which is a renewable energy. They oppose power lines being built to bring the power, but won’t give up a single device they need to charge. They demand more electric cars, but oppose the power sources needed to charge the vehicles. They oppose factories to produce goods locally, but have no problem buying those same goods that have to be transported across an ocean.

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