Evil has returned sans a Swastika & Mein Kampf, now its a Black Flag & Koran.

“When the situation was manageable it was neglected and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply to late the remedies which then might have effected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is old as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal, catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of council until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong-these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.” Sir Winston Churchill, house of Commons 1935. (warning against appeasing Adolf Hitler)

Any student of history following the events in the world must be thinking “here we go again”. It is beyond uncanny how events unfolding in the middle east region are so comparable to events that transpired before the start of the Second World War. You can literally supplement Geo locations and the players & to the trained eye it is decidedly dangerously similar to events in 1939 which led to over 20 million deaths and a world war which engulfed the world for years.

Now you may scoff at this and say “no way, what’s going on in Israel and the middle east isn’t going to draw the world into a third great world war”.  Let’s take a look at the events that brought on WW2 and what is happening right now, for I say if we follow in the same path before long we too will be engulfed in the most bloody of conflicts from which the world may never recover.

The last time we tried to appease an aggressor and serve up an ally on a tray it was Adolf Hitler and his quest for Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was a “manufactured state” by far the most technically, economically and politically advanced of its neighbors, its citizens were made up of many happy different minorities and the standard of living was better than all its surrounding countries. It also had a large and well equipped united army that could have easily defend it itself, had it been allowed it to use it. So far, rather similar, Israel, UN created 1948, much more successful then neighboring states, only democracy in the region, high standard of living and strong army with many happy minorities (Jew, Druze, Arab, Chrisitian, Ethiopian)

Hitler coveted this golden land and all that came with it, so in 1938 he started sprouting rhetoric, propaganda and lies, calling for a return of all Germans and land populated by Germans to be returned to the Fatherland. He said the German Sudendlands (the minority) residing in Czechoslovakia were being badly treated, murdered, a genocide and in desperate need of saving. Again Arabs living in Israel are probably the best treated minority in the region compared to Sunnies, Christians, Shites living in Iran, Syria, Iraq who are subject to the brutal regimes of Arab countries.

Hitler instructed his people to hold talks with then Czech president Dr Edward Benes and offer him terms that he knew he could not accept. Insane demands that would basically leave his country incredibly vulnerable to Nazi aggression. An 8 point plan known as the Karlsbad Program was proposed by the Germans that effectively made the small number of German citizens independent of the laws of the country while living in that very country. Give them all the rights but accepting nothing in return, demanding the end to the existence of Czechoslovakia and it should be swallowed up by the Nazi’s, again  similar to Hamas who demand everything but don’t recognize Israel right to exist and call upon its destruction.

Of course this is rejected by the good Dr Benes, and much like Hamas, Hitler knowing he doesn’t really have the military might at that point to wage war with Czechoslovakia and its allies goes into Propaganda overdrive, and starts releasing scores of gory stories of atrocities against the poor people of the Sudatenland (supplement Palestinians here and it just reads exactly the same) Nervous, the Czechs who know that they can defend themselves and have strong allies in the Soviet Union, French and British mobilize and Hitler backs down for a little and returns to the table for “more negotiations for the poor and oppressed people living under occupation”. The Czech army wanted to engage the enemy, but enormous pressure from their own allies don’t allow them to go (had they gone many believe that the second world war would not have started, and a non-battle tested and weak German army would have been quickly repelled and Hitler would have been replaced, in fact moderates like Von Beck, Stulpnagel were thinking of over throwing him had it come to war)

Time was given and with that time Germany builds up its army and its air force and reserves were called up (think UN ceasefires and periods of quiet when Hamas build tunnels and rockets) and marches and rallies were held to showcase the growing might with grandiose displays of men and weapons of war. The allies again nervous and eager to placate the mad dog that was Hitler (just replace with Hamas) pressure their ally in the region to deal with “the Sudentens plight” Dr Benes with his back to the wall under enormous pressure gives in to 100% of Hitler’s demands of his previous Karlsbad Program, again much like Israel who gave into 94% of all Arafats demands thinking this would finally bring peace

But Hitler never cared for peace, it wasn’t his goal, much like the charter of Hamas doesn’t mention peace just destruction, and Hitlers calls for strikes and violence of the people in “occupation’ by the Czechs, violence breaks out much like it does when Hamas calls for strikes in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, and much like in Israel, the Czechs dealt and put it down easily But wolves always hunt in packs and sensing blood in jump Japan and Italy who side with Germany (think Iran and Qatar, the Arab League etc) British (weak) Prime minister Neville Chamberlain flies out to see if he can “save the region and a last hope for peace” Hitler promised that post this final demand of annexing Czechoslovakia he would be happy and would be no more territorial claims and peace would be guaranteed for all. The rest they say is history,

Hitler got what he wanted but it was just the beginning, Chamberlain flew home and uttered probably the most premature prediction in history “I have assured in peace in our time”. An emboldened Hitler walks into a country without a shot fired and then goes on to set the world on fire.

Its all terrifyingly similar, and while we sit here in America and our politicians and media tell us that only by appeasing the Palestinians and giving them a homeland along with millions in funding will we assure peace into the Middle East, and by placating Iran will we be able to control them is the answer. Yet we should know it isn’t. Peace like with Hitler is not what they want, its world domination. They use propaganda to spread their message to demonize the only shining light in the hell that is the Middle East. The goal of these terrorist groups (backed by wealthy regions) all sprout similar doctrines just different words, Caliphate instead of Fourth Reich, Koran instead of Mein Kamp. Instead of the Aryan being a master race, it’s the religion of Islam and all the rest are infidels who will be second class citizens, instead of the yellow star, it will be the red sash. It’s terrifying and worst of all we do nothing.

John Kerry and the Obama administration are todays version of the battle weary French and the naïve Chamberlain who can’t see the very danger in front of them. Hamas allied by Qatar and Iran are the real successors to the doctrine of National Socialism just replaced with black flags under the banner of extreme Islam. Israel is the sacrificial lamb upon the alter much like Czechoslovakia 75 years ago. Please do not believe for one second if appeased the Arabs will not stop there, we will just embolden them like it did with the Nazis and disaster and death, beheadings and sharia law will rain its evil down onto the world. Will we never learn from our history. Much like Churchill then. there are some loan voices saying NO to appeasement, NO to terror (no to funding) and yes to fighting the enemies, but much like Churchill in his time, these loan voices are not in power but in opposition. People of America and the world have to wake up, Hitler wasn’t taken seriously when he gave his crazed speeches and wrote his book of hate and intolerance till it was to late. If we equate the same blasé attitude now to the Ayatollah Khomeini’s and heads of Hamas when they speak of world domination, Islamic caliphate and black flags flying on top 10 Downing street and The White House we will regret it immensely.

Are we really that blind to what is coming again? Will we finally spring into action when Iran has nuclear weapons and ISIS, The Moslem Brotherhoods & Hamas finally unite together which they ultimately will and become a force that will burn this world and set about another World war. The time is now to make a stand and stop this oncoming train of destruction.

Learn from the famous words of George Santayana “Those who fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it” (Life of reasons 1905)

(Ref: David Sedivy Peace at any cost)

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British born, New York Based. Passionate about Judaism, Israel, Student of History & Humanity. Believer in a better world tomorrow, and that one lone voice can effect change. "Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. "Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope"
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