Exclusively obtained Sudanese government letter to the Islamic State: “Confidence in your Jihad forever” — more sanctions necessary on Sudan

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Photo Credit: Exclusively Received and Approved For Reporting to Lisa Benson by: The Institute on Religion and Democracy, Faith McDonnell.

In an exclusively obtained document to this writer, for first-time reporting, Sudan pledges allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). As a July 12th permanent Sudan sanction lift looms, it is more financial sanctions that are necessary – not a lift — targeted sanctions to those Sudanese companies who are transferring money to support global jihad conquest and those nations who aid and abet .  Read on….

The Sudanese Government letter noted above, dated July 15, 2016, to the self-proclaimed Islamic State Caliph, Bakr al Baghdadi reads, shockingly, as follows: 

“I am sending this letter to your people to keep them aware of the fact you have responsibility for the Islamic State.  I will have confidence in you forever.  The Jihad in Sudan is excellent and we are confident in you all.  Your spirit of responsibility is how we are winning this war.  We are implementing Sharia law so we can have justice for all in our society, in the name of the prophet Mohammed.  Those who are following your leadership from the Sudan are doing as the Sheik Mohamad Ali Abdullah al Jezuli teaches.  When you are addressing the faithful in Khartoum they are hearing your message.  That is how we will win our unity, so our civilization can survive and coexist between the Islamic society in Sudan and neighboring countries.”

It continues:

“We are in the same trenches, besieged all around by aggressive enemies.  Sudan has an ideology that will lift us (Mujahidin) up.  The Nation of Sudan is helping us transfer our money from Islamic countries to the outside world, the infidel countries, those who are launching airstrikes against us.  The Sudanese government has agreed to transfer money in hard currency (non-local currency) and gold bullion so that the infidel cannot access it”


“We transfer this money through Turkey via our companies, Danfudio Trading Company, Sirla Group and Soriba Company. They easily and confidently facilitate this.  Sudan is providing full accommodation for all transiting Mujahidin to North and West Africa. God will aid us and we will win.”

This distressing letter from the government of Sudan to the leader of the Islamic State was sent a year ago – – sent before a 20-year trade embargo against Sudan was suspended by the Obama administration in January.

President Donald Trump faces a July 12 deadline (on or about) on whether to extend a 20-year trade embargo against Sudan. A move that humanitarian groups, including The Institute on Religion & Democracy, The Queen Esther Projectactor George Clooney’s nonprofit, The Sentry. as well as the Enough Project.

The trade ban and other financial sanctions were put in place in 1997 as punishment for Khartoum’s reported support for terrorist groups such as al Qaeda.

Now, the Jihad may shift to the Islamic State, but it is the ideology of Jihad that Sudan supports.  In August 1993, the U.S. State Department labeled Sudan a “state sponsor of terrorism” for harboring international terrorists, including Osama bin Laden.

Which Terrorist Groups Has Sudan Supported? 

The government of Sudan supports Hamas with a clandestine battle with  weapons smuggling to Gaza via the Port of Sudan.  As reported by The Investigative Project, Steve Emerson founder, in a February 7, 2013 report entitled, “The New Silk Route: Weapons to Gaza and Beyond” a confidential Israeli sources states:

“When we are talking about the smuggling of illegal arms into the Gaza Strip we should focus on members of the notorious terrorist community: we are talking about Iran, Sudan Libya as a state, not a government, and of course, the Sinai Peninsula.

Other terrorist groups Sudan harbors and/or supports include, but not limited to: al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Abu Nidal Organization, Jamaat al-Islamiyya, and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, all classified as terrorist organizations.

Although, Sudan is not believed to have nuclear weapons, a 2008 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service Report of 2013 says Sudan has been developing the capability to produce chemical weapons for many years. In order to do so, it is highly likely Sudan had help from foreign entities — principally Iraq.

Sudan’s Islamic Helpers Including Turkey — Colluding with the Islamic State:

Take note Israel and NATO partners!  It seems that Sudan has a most significant partner in its support of the Islamic State — namely, TURKEY!

Said letter mentioned above by the Government of Sudan to al-Baghdadi explicitly names TURKEY as a a money transfer agent to support the Islamic State’s terrorism efforts.  Fifteen years into his rule, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has turned his country away from secular tradition into an Islamic State.  Turkey long believed to be quietly supporting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, more proof emerges vis-a-vie this document.

War Crimes President Omar al Bashir:

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(Photo Credit: Al Jazeera English (Bashir Arrives) Wikimedia Commons)

Sudanese president Omar al Bashir arrives in the southern capital of Juba.

In a Lisa Benson Interview on Friday, July 7, 2017 with Faith McDonnel, Institute on Religion & Democracy, Faith echoed what many in the humanitarian sector and religious freedom alliances fear:

” Omar Bashir is a convicted war crimes leader of a rouge nation supporting terrorism. When President Obama lifted the 20-year embargo in January, that did not stop Bashir’s reign of terror.  Churches in the Sudan continue to be persecuted and sold to Arabs while Darfur Sudanese who are displaced and hiding in the Nuba mountains are under assault – not the bombardment from bombs, but starvation. Bashar has two tactics: 1) blocking any food sent by the State Department to reach the Nuba region; and, 2) intimidation of air fly over with the fear of bombardment at any moment.” 

In an article by Faith written February 4, 2017, “Survival of the Evilest: We Must Reimpose Sanctions On The Islamist Sudanese Government” Faith reports:

“The leaders of Sudan are all hardliners who were committed to building a Caliphate long before ISIS. They play a game of “Change the Face.” It’s a Darwinian dance to alter the regime’s appearance and fool the outside world while pursuing their agenda to bring Sharia and Arabization to all of Sudan and then to the entire African continent.”


My goal in writing this article is to reinforce the urgent request by 53 members of Congress.  In a letter dated June 30, 2017 to President Donald J. Trump, a bi-partisan response to the potential of permanent sanctions lift was delivered to the president.

The request by the Members of Congress is to delay any decision on the permanent lift of a 20-year embargo until the  Trump Administration has fully staffed the Department of State, the National Security Council and a Special Envoy for the Sudan and South Sudan has been appointed.

I applaud the 53 Members of Congress and suggest we begin to take steps into identifying the nation states that are complicit in supplying Sudan with ability for terror funding (money transfer) including NATO ally Turkey.


It does not matter if this exclusively obtained letter revealed today is written to the Islamic State or al Qaeda, the intent is the same: A Jihad Sudan with support from like-minded entities in the region.

Israel sits in a “tinder zone” surrounded by a sea of Arabization of Hate toward them.

I would ask that all who read this ask both the Trump Administration and the State of Israel to begin to tighten the noose around the necks of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Jordan — those who mingle with the war criminal Sudanese President, Omar al Bashir.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa E. Benson

National Security/Foreign Policy

Analyst, Commentator, Public Speaker, Writer

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