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Find out who Israel’s rising Instagram influencers are

Wonder Woman is the most popular Israeli on Instagram, more than 21 million people are following Gal Gadot. But she is not the one who is perfectly organising and filtering her pictures to create a feed that is gaining more fans daily. From Israeli singers, to fashion bloggers and fitness addicts they all make efforts to snap a picture that will help them create quality content. They use Instagram to allow their followers to have a peek into their personal and professionals lives, whether they are eating breakfast at home or if they are having a photo session in the desert.

Here is a list of the most influential Israeli on Instagram.

Anna Zak – 1.1 million followers

You may be surprised to find out that Anna Kuzenkova is only 17-year-old. In 2017, she was named the most influential Israeli on Instagram, and her account has more than 1 million followers. She surpassed even the Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. Even if her native language is Russian, she writes her posts in Hebrew and English. She shares on her feed selfies, lip-syncing videos and even original music.

Talia Sutra – 363,000 followers

Talia Sutra is a yoga instructor famous worldwide. On her Instagram page, followers can check her impressive poses, beautiful views of Israeli scenery, and inspiring daily mantras. She lived in New York for more than 17 years, a period when she travelled around the globe to offer yoga-training sessions and to host workshops. She has recently decided to return to Israel, feeling connected with her birthplace. Through her yoga selfies, she tries to inspire people to try this sport.

Dana Zarmon – 292,000 followers

Dana Zarmon’s feed serves as a guide on how to travel in Israel and abroad and how to dress for different trips. Before being named one of the most influential Israeli on Instagram, she started a blog where she wrote articles about lifestyle and fashion. She managed to get a role in a reality series called “It Girls” and she started to grow her career as an influencer. Now she uses her Instagram page to post photos with her favourite fashion outfits and snaps of vacation places she recommends. She is currently collaborating with brands like Samsung, Pandora, Chloe, and Channel.

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Eden Fines – 113,000 followers

Eden Fines is one of the most famous Israeli models, many people knowing her for her curly locks. She is working in the industry for around 7 years and even if she is not as well-known as Bar Rafaeli is, people worldwide admire her for her unique look. Since the moment, she starred in Israeli singer Moshe Peretz’s music video for Caramela, her follower count has started to grow. Her feed is filled with travel photos, funky fashion snaps and style inspirations posts.

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