Focus on the real danger not the shiny object

I think what I’m about to say is political heresy. But I honestly believe we should stop wasting our time with NoKo and Kim Jung Un. What seems like a military juggernaut is a paper tiger. If there was war they’d be wiped up quickly. They don’t have the finances and wherewithal and a sustained economy to carry on a war of any length. They’d fall apart under their own empty rhetoric.

Nuclear? What? 1? 2? 3? You think Un who doesn’t want to give up power or luxury is going to waste all that on lobbing a missile or two that’ll only result in an epic response throwing him back into the Stone Age? You think he wants to get caught and quartered for being the greatest mass murderer? Nah! He’s a coward and will do nothing to ruin his lifestyle.

He does what he does for himself and his cronies and political circle. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s all about self-preservation in comfort.

Now the tragedy is his people. The common North Korean. One day we’ll see the enormous and egregious circumstances North Koreans have been living under. One day we’ll bear the collective guilt for allowing it to even reach this point and having remained silent. But that’s not the issue in regards to whether any response must be made in retaliation for his nuclear missile tests. None need be. Nothing will come of it.

Politically the sleight of hand being played is Iran. It’s there I’m worried and why Obama is a criminal as far as I’m concerned. What he has unleashed may perhaps cause the greatest cataclysm upon our world.

They have more money and resources unavailable to North Korea. They have the population which as bad as things are have some wealth. Things are nowhere near as bad in Iran.

Iranian Islamic fundamentalism is the main threat and where nuclear capability is a key to their expansionist Islamic goals. It’s here we must make a stand and rid ourselves of this scourge. A scourge of impending danger and destruction.

We better wake up and direct our firepower where it matters.

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Graduate of the Rabbinical College of Greater Miami and Central Lubavitch Yeshivah in NY. Rabbi in Hollywood, FL leading its community as the Chabad Emissary and member of Florida Friends of Lubavitch for over 25 years. "Father and grandfather is something I'm most proud of and strive to get better."
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