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Food & More Make Israelibox A Great Gift With Cindy’s Corners

I love supporting everything  Israel. That’s no secret. I love sharing my adventures in Israel, being an activist defending Israel from detractors and haters. I love sharing Israel with my family and friends.

I especially love sharing in my column products and businesses from Israel that we must support internationally to defeat the BDS Movement and help the Israeli economy.

I recently found one such amazing business. Israelibox, a fairly new operation, is a unique gift for everyone, especially yourself.

Every box contains something food and much more.

I recently spoke with the creators of Israelibox, Sharon and Maya and they answered the following questions:

Who are you and why did you create Israelibox?
We are Israelis and we love Israel with all our hearts. And more than anything, we would LOVE for the world to hear our story. The story of a beautiful land with creative and passionate people. The story of the small businesses with endless source of ideas and the entrepreneuring spirit. A story of a life well lived, filled with happiness, togetherness and a great lifestyle.

What is Israelibox?
IsraeliBox is a new initiative – bringing you Israel – in a box – every month.
IsraeliBox is a subscription box that brings Israel closer than ever. Every month we choose a different theme and curate a box full of Israeli magic in it. In every box there are 5 items all made or designed in Israel. Each box will always have something edible, something pampering, something artisan & something stationary. The items placed inside our box are boutique style items one cannot find easily outside of Israel. We also promise to place each month- one social product inside our box. We choose a different Israeli non-profit every month and by this we give back to our beloved community.

How can people use the boxes as Gifts?
You could also gift Israelibox as a special and an original gift on many occasions, birthdays are a big hit, Rosh Hashanah, Pesach, Chanukah or just a great idea to tell someone you really like that you are thinking about them.

Halva and Spices From Jerusalem In Israelibox

Can boxes be created as fundraisering products for any organization?
If you are an organization and you are looking to gift your members with the bounty of our amazing land, we would love to present to you our selection of boxes or design a special custom made box just for you.

I received the Jerusalem box. It featured halva, made by Halva Kingdom directly from the famous Machane Yehuda market. It also included a mix of spices from Ayelet’s Spices called Jerusalem mix.

A small glass plate was included in the box that was created by Susan’s House. Seventy names are printed on the glass dish made by youth at risk trying to build bright, productive futures. It is a perfect size for any Shabbos table for salts or spices.

Food, Fun, Family and Friends…Everything Food In Recipes and Restaurants From Cindy’s Corners

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