Josef Avesar
Josef Avesar

For Jews, Israel is the most dangerous place in the world!

The Jewish state of Israel was established to become a safe refuge for Jews. It never lived up to its intended goal. Since its establishment in 1948, over twenty thousand Jews were killed and over 100,000 were injured due to violence because they were Jews, more than any other place in the world. Israel claims, without evidence, that its mere existence provides safety to Jews around the world. It is unable to provide safety to its own Jews

In the last 72 years, Israel engaged in frequent wars, more than any other country in the Middle East. It continues to have daily skirmishes with Hizballah, Syria, Iran and Hamas. For the last 53 years it continues to occupy the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, does not give them citizenship or the right to vote and has no vision for peace with them. Israel has many settlements in the West Bank adjacent to Palestinian cities and villages with huge infrastructure as a foundation for a two-tiered legal and economic apartheid system. Israel’s military might preclude her from exploring peaceful solutions since its leaders prefer to resolve many of its issues through force.

It’s a country of 9 million people with an enormous military arsenal including nuclear power and submarines with Popeye Turbo cruise missiles that can deliver nuclear and conventional warheads to assure itself a second-strike capability similar to the five superpowers. It is on the verge of attacking Iran, a country much larger both in size and population, to prevent it from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Israel’s government is weak with frequent elections and an inability to form stable coalitions. Internally it has irreconcilable differences between orthodox and secular Jews to the point of possible internal civil war. Israel’s government does not meet universally accepted democratic standards; has no constitution, does not govern on the principles of secular government, has no separation between religion and government and does not have true independence between the legislative and the executive branch since the entire cabinet is also in the Knesset. Israel’s Supreme Court is not independent It was created by the Knesset and not pursuant to a Constitution. The Knesset historically and consistently limits and intimidates it to prevent unfavorable decisions.

In sum, Israel is an unstable country internally and externally with a strong military arsenal and plenty of powerful enemies. The U.S supplies Israel with the latest most sophisticated weapons as well as provides political cover but does not insist on it becoming a stable democracy based on principles that it demands for itself.

About the Author
Josef Avesar is founder of the Israeli Palestinian Confederation, which advocates for a mutual third government for Israelis and Palestinians. An American-Israeli of Iraqi background, he practices law in the U.S., but travels frequently to Israel and Palestine.
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