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For the middle east to prosper the brotherhood must be destroyed

Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. image creative commons, source wikipedia

It has been over 5 months after the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel. These were the worst acts of terror in modern history. 9/11 was shocking, 10/7 was sadistic. After 9/11, for almost a decade, Muslim names like Mohamed created public uneasiness in New York. Surprisingly this time around it is the Moshe’s who have to give made-up names at Starbucks in Manhattan.

The terrorists are the same Islamic extremists, Salafi-Wahabi. Then it was 15 Saudi nationals, 2 Emirati’s, one Egyptian and one Lebanese-all Sunni Arabs. Now it was Sunni Arab Palestinians. 9/11 was impersonal. Planes were rammed into the World Trade center, with little regard to the religion, color and race of who was killed. The focus was the icon of western capitalism. 10/7 was extremely personal. Innocent Jewish Israeli’s were tortured, raped, murdered, kidnapped.

In both attacks the magnitude of success surprised the attackers: Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda were joyfully surprised at the collapse of the twin towers and the sheer scale of destruction. Hamas did not expect a wave of bazaar thrash to follow their commandos into Israel- attack, kidnap, rape and torture civilians.

The objectives were alike. Al-Qaeda’s objective was to incite the United States to attack an Islamic country where it would cause the indiscriminate death of Muslims provoking the Islamic world, the ummah, into a war with the US. Hamas has a similar objective of provoking Israel into a war with the Axis of Resistance viz. the Hezbollah, Houthis, other Iranian proxies with the hope of sparking off a Middle East war. Islam against Israel and the West.

This time around, though Bibi Netanyahu responded much as George W. Bush did in 2001, it is the Israelis and the Jews who continue to be the oppressors. The Muslim brothers have developed deep pockets and a long reach. They have funded resourceful online perception management teams from the United States to Australia, with strong  financial support from Qatar and  media support from Al Jazeera. In almost twenty five years since 9/11, they have cleverly co-opted Israel’s lobbying tactics, created pressure groups, have had loyal Muslims elected to parliaments worldwide, funded lobby groups and co-opted activist groups that have felt marginalized.  They have adopted a narrative much purported by the woke left, the one that Obama popularized. Words like “settler-colonial” are now common, which make little sense when used by a misogynistic sadistic medieval terror group like Hamas.

While the 2001 attacks lacked a “victim story”-15 Saudi Sunni Arabs were the most entitled Arabs one could find in the Islamic world, the 2023 attacks have a perfectly crafted victim story, one that overflows with the pathos of an imprisoned people, in an apartheid state for whom these attacks are “resistance”. Arab Sunni Muslims demanding Palestine, a state exclusively for themselves which excludes Arab Christians, Jews and other non-Sunni-Wahhabi Muslims. These Hamas supporting “Palestinians”  paradoxically brand Israel an apartheid state. Israel where Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Baha’i live in harmony with equal rights.

The marginalized groups, the very groups of people who would not have the right to exist in a Muslim brotherhood led state, LGBTQ+, feminists, colored people who would be second class citizens in a Hamas state swallow the Muslim Brotherhood’s global narrative.

Governments which are strong allies of Israel, which are aware of the threat Salafi-Wahabi Muslim brotherhood inspired terror groups pose to freedom, democracy and global security have felt obliged to condemn Hamas’ terror, meanwhile calling for the two state solution.

What two state solution? A half-aborted fetus which was in vogue in post war UK, which was Brexiting from every part of the world it had colonized. A two-state solution which was to be implemented in the British Mandate of Palestine, where the Muslim population demanded its own country as it did not want to share land with the Jews, Christians and other claimants. The same two state solution implemented in United India, where the Muslim population demanded its own country as it did not want to share a country with Hindus, Parsis, Jains, Buddhists and a long list of religions India has hosted for millennia.

While the middle east was unable to implement this two-state solution, India did-at a cost of over 3 million lives. The two-state solution was a failure, not only were the Sunni Muslims of the north unable to live in peace with those in the East, eventually creating a three-state solution of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, it also came to light that many Muslims did not trust in a Muslim homeland and remained in India.

The world hasn’t learned from India’s experience of the failure of a two-state solution. Pakistan is a failed nuclear power where a civilian government has been unable to complete a full term in 75 years. It is home to terrorist groups and has been perpetually on the brink of bankruptcy. It counts jihadi salafi-wahabi-deobandi terrorism as one of its primary exports. This is what a Hamas state or Hamasistan will look like.

Mazenistan, or west bank may fare slightly better, as Bangladesh has. But the dominance of Muslim brotherhood supported groups keeps Bangladesh on the precipice of disaster. It is one election away from being a jihadi failed state.

No Islamic country wants to deal with the problem. In the 100 years since the abolishment of the Ottoman Caliphate, Sunni Islam has fallen to the Salafi-Wahabi radicals, to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim brotherhood’s doctrinal enemies are Kharijite groups such as ISIS, where the cure is worse than the disease. Today the brotherhood and its offshoots command an financial and propaganda empire which is vast and have crafted their message to perfection.

Palestine is the cause; Jihad is the means and Islam is the solution. The Shia-Sunni rift, which is almost as old as Islam, has been put aside in the overwhelming objective of spreading the green flag worldwide.

Islamic rulers, including those with moral authority, such as the King of Jordan, are afraid to speak up. It is easier to blame Israel, accuse it of genocide, ignore the Israeli hostages and keep the pressure on Israel while Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Jaish e Mohammed, Taliban, Houthis continue the jihad in other parts of the world, unchallenged, in coordination and funded by Iran.

Given the global pressure a Palestinian state is eventually imminent. Israel will have to make concessions given Bibi’s strategic errors. There is only a small chance this state will not be a terrorist state, a country used by the Muslim brotherhood to spread global jihad. A terrorist state which first turns on Israel and then on the moderate Islamic regimes in the neighborhood.

A prosperous moderate state of Palestine is only possible the Muslim world recognizes that the Muslim brotherhood, its affiliates and the Iranian theocracy are a cancer to the Ummah.

It is the eventual Palestine that is an apartheid state-not Israel, because that is how it was planned by Al-Banna and his brothers in the service of Islam almost a century ago when they founded the Ikhwan il-Muslimeen, the Muslim brotherhood. Palestine would be where the new Caliphate would begin, a Sunni caliphate where everyone else was a second class citizen.

In a hundred years, we have come full circle. Where we go from here is a choice we must make. We cannot capitulate to the brotherhood, and we cannot abandon Israel and the Jewish people again. Falling for the brotherhood’s propaganda would be fatal to humanity and freedom and fatal to Islam. The ummah’s survival, the middle east’s prosperity and global peace depend on the brotherhood’s destruction.

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Vas is a political researcher, consultant and entrepreneur who has worked in Europe, Middle East and Africa for two decades. He has had the privilege to interact with leaders, decision makers and work closely with people from all walks of life, all over the middle east.
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