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Fortune Tellers are all Unique

Astrology is most likely the number one popular form of fortune telling in the world. Tarot cards and psychic readings are followed closely though not quite as broad in scope. Astrology is in most newspapers and many magazines. I studied astrology but felt it took too long to calculate answers to questions. I am a professional Tarot Card Reader who rarely refers to himself as being a Psychic.

Good guidance from a fortune teller of any sort should leave you empowered not confused. Self-help is available usually with fortune tellers being able to provide more examples of where to access help. You should be encouraged by your ad visor how to improve your outlook in positive ways.

Fortune telling is not always a popular name with those seeking help or professional guidance. Psychic is a more modern term as is tarot card reader. The astrologer is possibly not as popular a term as Psychic, or so I noticed. When I appeared in psychic fairs in Canada are you psychic was a common question beginning conversations at the trade shows.

Mind reading if it can be accomplished is not much use to anyone seeking help for any reason I feel. Clairvoyance which is advertised by many ad visors is not mind reading with em path’s not being referred to as mind readers either. There are many terms gifted people use to promote themselves online or in trade shows. I prefer people with little advertising of many gifts. I like simple, straightforward reading styles rather than use every method under the sun.

There is a lot of competition in mental work with many people or ad visors wishing to earn a better living with increases in income to be more in every show. I traveled with a swami for a year which was pretty exciting for me. In that time I was a big reader to which he acknowledged. So many psychics warn others of the need for protection to ward off evil spirits etc.

To work as an astrologer, you should most likely take lessons from a professional first. You can inquire with a guild on which your local competent astrologers are members of before signing up. Sometimes community colleges have course content to study while libraries are good for books. There is a lot available on the subject which goes beyond sun moon signs etc.

If you take lessons for one year, or more you may be able to construct a natal chart by hand with some simple interpretation. If you learn progressions in astrology; then you can begin making predictions. What would be helpful is to go online for software which can help you. You can purchase DVD’s which install on your computer to make all the necessary calculations to make things faster as well as you can email or print the charts for your customers.

Working with a laptop can make your business mobile with more events possible such as home party’s psychic fairs and trade shows. The email a chart features can work very well for over the phone readings. There are many levels in western astrology while I know less to speak about regarding Vedic astrology. I believe you can purchase software for Vedic astrology as well.

The main point of studying astrology is reading and remembering possibly keeping a journal for your life’s work. Simple shortcuts in how to speed interpretation or other possible relations of dynamics in a chart can make you a different astrologer where you can speak on the subject publicly.

If you join a guild, there are many outlets for you to search and research because you belong to a community. You could build a website for your course or other offerings to the public. Astrology readings typically are charged at a higher rate than tarot card readings. The time involved in astrology is much more than psychic or tarot card readings with a one hour reading not being much because the astrologer may need to explain a lot more about your reading than a psychic will.

A psychic reading can depend on who the reader is and what they offer as their method of divining answers. I simply use tarot with my unique interpretation style of my cards with unique layouts or spreads. Other tarot readers offer much more spreads with time frames being familiar. Spreads can be an assortment of three card spreads Celtic cross or various relationship readings lifetime readings or combinations depending on cost.

I have three main layouts I typically use with a client who finds me online for over the phone or email reading. I prefer over the phone with email taking a lot more effort to communicate properly. My readings which incorporate my three spreads completely can be one hour or less depending upon the life of the inquisitor.

I developed my reading interpretation style by performing many question and answer readings making it more certain to respond to a client’s questions in a shorter amount of time looking for client satisfaction primarily. My first readings were always Celtic cross which led to a three card spread than I modified my Celtic cross spread. My three card spread may be different than some other readers use. My lifetime reading uses much research I have looked into myself.

My recommendation to anyone if they are a potential buyer or seller of psychic readings is to look at how you find your ad visor. Is it on a reputable site where someone’s advertising looks professional? Did you experience hard sell tactics? Is the consultant speaking well of themselves or others? Ask yourself questions about your ad visor’s professionalism before opening up your heart or wallet to their readings.

Buying directly off the web from a psychic sounding name can be hazardous unless it is a reputable site or you already know about the ad visor. There are legitimate sites which work for a very long time while others open up with immediate closure with possible lawsuits.

It is your choice where you place your trust. I have been on the same site for more than one decade not bothering to read outside of there in that time. Some people use PayPal for their readings which can be lucrative, but I don’t like to read outside of the site where I work.

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Jacob Deveaux's in depth spiritual research compels him to write to interested people. He has presented spiritual topics to many on life's issues. Judaism is the base religion with the Torah being the Old Testament accepted by Christians. He will present spiritual topics through the Times of Israel.
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