Leah Jacobson


We are not Broken

I believe with complete belief in the coming of Mashiach

Though I’m devastated
And I’m outraged.
I’m scared
and I’m furious
I’m shaken
but I’m so hopeful
I need to see
but I can’t look
I’m exhausted
yet I can’t sleep
I should eat.
I can’t eat.

And even though he may tarry

It can’t be real
It’s all too real
It can NOT be real
I can’t comprehend the evil
Time is flying
Time is crawling
I need to do something but
I can’t function
So much time on my hands but
I can’t get anything done.
I’m strong but
I can’t handle this

I will wait for him every day.

We will prevail
We are eternal
We are mighty
We are faith-full
The world will see
And they will know that
We value life
We choose life! And Love.
We are one
Our God is one.

Please don’t tarry any longer.

About the Author
Leah Jacobson made aliya to Raanana from Seattle with her husband and children in 2011. She is an artist, a Madrichat Kallot and a Jewish Educator. Her passion is integrating Torah learning with personal expression to keep our ancient texts relevant to modern life.
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