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French Parliament Elections: Clear and Present Danger

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Former President Chirac, the great innovator, had devised a surefire recipe for winning presidential elections: in the months leading up to the April/May 2002 election, he and then Prime Minister Jospin allowed a wave of unprecedented violence to build up in the streets of France, mainly from “young people” from the suburbs and other sensitive neighborhoods. This fostered the rise of the Front National, propelling Jean-Marie Le Pen to the second round of voting. A campaign to demonize the Front National immediately developed, unwillingly aided by Le Pen’s personality and WW2 track record. The campaign for the second round in 2002 was based entirely on this demonization, and everything was done to instill fear in the hearts of the French people if the FN came to power. This enabled Chirac, a politician of no great stature, to win the election with 82% of the votes. An incredible feat seen only in some of the worst totalitarian regimes.

This scenario is being repeated today. The demonization of the RN is increasingly violent and pernicious as the 2nd round (“runoff”) approaches. First, verbal violence, taken up by numerous commentators and politicians, incessant reminders of an 80-year-old past that is allegedly still the RN’s DNA, and so on. And at the same time, shamelessly and without restraint, LFI sends its supporters by the thousands in the streets, knowing full well that violence will ensue. And they blame the RN for the violence they themselves have provoked. This Sunday evening’s demonstration on Place de la République in Paris was a prime example of this: aggressive slogans, damages to public space and historic monuments, physical assaults on the forces of law and order, and so on. No French flags (or very few), but plenty of Palestinian, Algerian and other flags. And of course, many commentators, and all the non-RN politicians, declared without hesitation that this would be the daily life of the French nation if the RN came to power.

Unfortunately, some court Jews (“Juifs de Cour”) in the central organizations of the French Jewish community are also actively involved in this demonization of the RN. They are still operating based on their 1945 paradigms and are completely oblivious to the dangers looming over the French Jewish community today and tomorrow. In the current context, this makes them nothing more and nothing less than useful idiots of Melanchonism.

Demonization again and again, it worked well in the past, why not now?

It’s true that there are still some former GUD or old timers FN members around Marine Le Pen. But Jean-Marie Le Pen left the stage a long time ago, and most FN executives left with him. The language has become more refined, the policies more acceptable. To what extent this reflects a profound change in the RN party, I can’t say, but it’s clear that in recent years, while antisemitic attacks have multiplied almost exponentially, all or almost all of them have been caused by criminals far removed from the FN or RN on the political spectrum: people from legal or illegal immigration, Islamists of all stripes and origins, “youth from the suburbs”, etc…

So, with just a few days to go before a second round of voting that will be crucial for the future of France – and not only France – it is time to put things into perspective.

Two blocks may win in Sunday’s second round: the RN and its allies, and LFI and its allies. In addition, another block, which not so long ago was known as the presidential majority, but which has now been reduced to shreds, is trying to remain relevant with pompous but insubstantial speeches, and above all by prostituting its candidates to the far left in order, they say, to defeat the RN.

There is no virtuous choice between the three blocks.

The worst is (by a long, long shot) is LFI / NUPES / NFP. Mélenchon is and will remain its undisputed leader, and he’s a very dangerous man. With him at the helm, relations between France and Israel will become drastically complicated: he overwhelmingly supports the “Palestinian cause” and sees Israel as an enemy and all Israeli leaders, soldiers, most of its inhabitants as war criminals. The future and even the present of French Jews will be a permanent nightmare. France itself will be virtually destroyed in the very short term. I invite you to read Samuel Fitoussi’s excellent article in Le Figaro of July 1, 2024 (yesterday) for a comprehensive list of the economic and societal aberrations of the far-left (LFI / NFP) program.

And yet it’s Mélenchon with whom all those (or almost all) who are not RN have chosen to ally themselves, with Macron, this narcissistic puppet, this pyromaniac firefighter, leading the pack.

It’s important to understand the figures. If on the surface, after the first round of voting, RN appears to be “on the doorstep of Matignon”, in reality, this scenario remains improbable. The unnatural, shameful and incomprehensible agreements pushing candidates to withdraw themselves from the second-round voting in favor of their sworn enemies are the cause.

On Sunday, there would have been 308 triangular elections. Through these absurd withdrawals (170 had already been decided by Monday evening), Macron and his “friends” are going to offer a very large number of these seats to Melenchon. How many seats? Perhaps 100, 150, even 200?

Add this figure to the seats already forecasted to be won by the far left and suddenly Mélenchon is in Matignon. Remember that 289 seats are enough to obtain an absolute majority thus the Premiership.

This is the real danger, a clear danger for France, an immense danger for the Jews, a broad stab in Israel’s back.

As early as Sunday evening, a few minutes after the close of the first round, Mélenchon was proudly showing off Rima Hassan, the pro-Hamas Islamist freshly elected to the European Parlement, next to him, she was ostentatiously wearing a keffiyeh affirming her real identity. There is no limit to the damage and suffering that people like Rima Hassan, Mathilde Panot, Aymeric Caron, Mélenchon himself and many others will cause to Jews, and try to cause to Israel. There is no limit to the damage and suffering these sad characters can cause France and the French people.

The only party that really deserves to be demonized is LFI / NUPES 2 / NFP. However name you want to call it, it is the “Islamo-leftist” far left party headed by Melenchon. Next to them, the so-called nazis-remnants of the RN are insignificant.

My message is clear and simple: Macron and his henchmen have put themselves out of the game. Voting LFI would be suicidal for any Jew, living in France or abroad. Certainly, voting RN is not an easy choice, but faced with the clear and present existential danger that would hang over the Jewish community if Mélenchon came to power, it is the only possible choice, certainly the only choice that makes sense.

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Jean Pierre Braun is a retired Silicon Valley CEO now living in Jerusalem. Born in Paris, Jean Pierre immigrated to the USA after completing its Electrical Engineering degree in France. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Jean Pierre was also the founder of a unique, very successful Silicon Valley Synagogue, and upon his return to France became Vice President of a local CRIF branch, and the President of the Rachi community in Grenoble. A father of 3 and grandfather of 10 ב'ה, Jean Pierre and his wife Annie made Aliyah in 2016.
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