From Anti-Zionist to Zionist: An interview with Noor Dahri

This is an interview with Noor Dahri about his journey from Anti-Zionist to Zionist.

  1. Why did you join the Zionist Movement?

I was born and raised as a Muslim in Pakistan. We were taught to hate Jews and Israel and I had frequently participated in anti-Israel and anti-Zionism demonstrations, especially in Al-Quds day. I never knew that Jews were humans as we are.  In fact, I considered Jews worse than animals and the enemy of humanity, particularly those against the Muslims and Islam. I accepted only some Jews, however, only those who stood with Palestinians and never with the Zionists. For me, the Zionist was a devil worshiper and was against Allah/HaShem. For this reason, being a religious Muslim, my dislike and hate against Zionists was natural.

As I told you before, I was taught to hate Jews. They manipulated many religious texts in efforts to spread hatred towards other religions. I must mention the name of a kind lady, who was not only my colleague but my first Jewish friend in my life.

Eli Bar On, who educated me about what Israel or Israeli society is.

Additionally, she helped me in my debate and conversation with other Jews on social media. I monitored every conversation with Jews on social media in detail, particularly paying attention to every statement they used. Sometimes there existed bad people and extremes in the Jewish community. What inspired me the most, was that those bad individuals on social media from the Jewish community were a tiny minority and also were strongly condemned by their own Jewish community.

It took me nearly 2 years to fully understand what the truth was and what the reality of Israel is. It was not only through social media or engaging in a one sided story but I studied many books, articles, videos, testimonies and many other things in research to judge and evaluate what the fact is. No doubt, there are so many conflicts between both communities and there are many political and religious extreme elements that do not want them to get to together. Overall, I felt that the Jewish community rushes to accept peace at any cost which helped me change my mind. This is the primary reason I chose to join Zionism. I already accepted the basic cause of Zionism, however I was waiting for the right time and when I was invited by the ZF -UK for an initial introductory meeting, I then decided adherence to Zionism. I have already written about “Why i joined the Zionist Movement”.

Through this platform, I will gather Muslims and Jews and educate them how to live in coexistence and we must unify to fight against antisemitism and Islamophobia.

  1. The world always blames Israel and what is a Zionist, what do you think about it?

Since I studied about Jewish society and the movement of Zionism, I found that there were so many lies spread against Israel and Zionists around the world, particularly in international media. As you know, the media is a psychological tool used to manipulate peoples’ minds towards whatever it wanted.  It has the ability to divert attention, and Israel and Zionists are the easiest target of blame. There are many lies against Israel in the world, especially whenever Israel strikes in Gaza.  Millions of fallacies are created in the media to spread hatred against Israelis.

We as Muslims have been ordered by Allah in Qur’an to find the truth, even if the truth goes against us (or against my community), and this is what I do to spread G-d’s mission.

What is a Zionist? This is a complicated question, but I will try to make it short. In order to understand what a Zionist is, we must study what Zionism is.  Without knowing Zionism, we cannot understand Zionists. Imagine! I am a very strong religious Muslim who spent most of life spreading the message of my religion, Islam. Now I turned into a Zionist and proudly announce it publicly, even though it is a risk to my life. The world needs to understand the main objectives of Zionism. To the Israeli, the Zionist Federation may be an advocacy movement or a politically supportive organisation.

BUT for me, Zionism is an ideology that counters all other offensive, extreme and violent ideologies currently present in the world

People ask me if the Islamic ideology isn’t enough to educate the world about peace. No doubt, Islam is a religion of peace but unfortunately Islamic political and religious leaders changed the religious shape of Islam into that of a political one.  This political shape is not worthy of peace, but only hate and killing those who do not adopt to the Political Islamic ideology. For me, this is what a Zionist is.  It is not only understanding about a political form of Zionism but to fully adapt it as an ideology.

  1. Are there other Muslim movement?

There are many people in Pakistan who not only support Israel but show their solidarity to the Zionist Federation. I had no idea prior, but after my joining ZF-UK, so many people from Pakistan, India and particularly Arab countries, contacted me to show their support for me. I would like to say here, people are ready to accept the truth, and they know what the fact about the Israel-Pal issue is, but they are afraid to speak up due to their life being threatened living in Islamic countries. I even cannot disclose their identities.

This is the fear we need to talk about and we need to work on it.

People in Pakistan are in a rush to support Israel and the mission of the Zionist Federation movement but because of the fear of a religious and a political persecution, they cannot raise their voice up. I hope one day, I will be successful to make a platform where I would gather all my people who support Israel and the ZF movement from these communities. It will bring a new change.

  1. What does the Pakistani community think about supporting Israel?

The Pakistani community is not like an Arab community whom follows one sided information through tunnel vision. They are very intelligent and educated people. They are well researched and know what’s going on around the world. They know the threat and danger, but unfortunately are not wise enough to sense the great threat and danger within, which is a Mullah Mafia or a Mullahcracy (Religious Imam Mafia). Mullahcracy hijacked the Pakistani nation and government. You must read my detailed article on this issue (Military, Mullah and Madrasah). Gen Pervez Musharraf tried very hard to normalise relations between Pakistan and Israel but failed to continue the project. Even though Slain PM Benazir Bhutto and current PM Nawaz Sharif tried hard to create good relations with Israel, they did not achieve the goal. Specifically, the Pakistani community is controlled by three monsters- political, religious and Arab leaders and local and international media. They unfortunately rely on everything from these monsters identified, and follow blindly whatever is asked of them or shown to them. Very few people use their minds and do research to find out the truth.

If someone shows them the historical, political and religious facts, I believe my nation will accept the truth.

Since I joined the Zionist Federation, many people from my community showed their solidarity and support which is a very brave step for them. I was not expecting any single Pakistani to stand firm with me but many have proved they are willing to seek the truth. I know more people from my community will join my cause if my peaceful voice goes worldwide. It is not an easy task when my life and security can be in danger by Islamists. However, obviously someone has to carry on this great burden which is a Prophetic mission for me.

At the End, I want to thank ZF-UK chairman Paul Charney and ED Arieh Miller and other ZF’s officials for providing me an international platform to educate my people of the facts about Israel and the Jewish community.

I hope, one day people around the world, particularly the Pakistani community, will embrace the truth. I see, the day is very close.

My Interview in the Hebrew language

About the Author
Mr. Noor Dahri is the Founder and Executive Director of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism- ITCT, a UK based Counter Islamist Terrorism Think Tank. Noor was born and raised in Pakistan. Noor Dahri has also worked with the London Police department for the last seven years. He has studied Forensics and Criminal Psychology from Oxford – UK and Counter Terrorism from International Institute for Counter Terrorism ICT- Israel. He is an author of "Terra Nullius: The Rebirth of a Land Without Peace"
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