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Harold Ohayon
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From Kabul to Tehran

As the eve of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks fast approaches, the nonsensical antics of the Biden administration has gifted the Taliban the ultimate victory. While the American people will mourn on that day, it is very likely that the Islamists in Kabul will raise their flags across the city. Israel should take note as to what is occurring, because it signals the willingness of President Biden to make illogical political moves when it comes to foreign policy. After the Afghan pullout is complete, President Biden will then focus his attention on appeasing Iran as his next grand political blunder.

Afghanistan, the perpetual political quagmire, has no simple solutions to solving its woes. For thousands of years, empires have lost their footing in the mountains of the country. When American forces invaded in the hopes of crushing al Qaeda and liberating the Afghan people from the theocratic grip of the Taliban, the world cheered. Women threw off their burqas and began attending school, music was played in the streets, and life began to moderate. It is true that the Taliban problem remains an unsolvable conundrum. The Pakistani government has long played host to these extremists, supplying them with land, money and arms. As the Americans attempted to nation build in Afghanistan, the Taliban waited in Pakistan. They knew that eventually the Americans would leave, and then they would reconquer with ruthless fury. And this is what is happening now. And while the logistics of defeating or severely hindering the Taliban seems near impossible, the Americans had the opportunity to at least try to do so. But the Biden administration is hellbent on leaving the country before the September 11th milestone, a ridiculous benchmark that will only leave the Americans with a bitter humiliation instead of a triumphant withdrawal.

As Afghanistan falls, Israel needs to take stock of what the Biden administration is willing to do to achieve its bizarre grand strategy when it comes to global affairs. President Biden has long expressed a desire to capitulate and bend the knee to the Ayatollahs in Iran, and there is little doubt that he will focus on that once Afghanistan is abandoned. With the elevation of the hardliner Raisi to the presidency in Iran, he will surely remain intransigent when it comes to the nuclear negotiations. And as Afghanistan has shown, the Biden administration will overlook such antics and give into the demands wholeheartedly. It is therefore imperative that Israel solidify alliances with the Gulf Arab states and craft a contingency plan for when the Biden administration signs a new disastrous nuclear deal. Instead of learning from the failures of the Obama administration, President Biden is determined to repeat them. Like the timeless adage warning about the foolishness of repeating the same mistake in the hopes of a different outcome, President Biden continues to show the world that he is utterly incompetent when it comes to international security matters.

President Trump did the Middle East a great service by forging the Abraham Accords. Now that Israel has more regional allies, it will be easier to unite against the Iranian threat. Israel needs to start planning now, because who knows how quickly until the Biden administration obliges the demands of those in Tehran. The American government is proving itself to be an unreliable ally, and Israel must realize this. It is time for a regional alliance to ensure security in the Middle East. But the clock is ticking and action must be made now before it is too late.

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