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From the Biblical Fields Outside Jerusalem to Sunny Los Angeles

Rachelle Yadegar Zarabian

For most, wearing white (or ivory, eggshell, cream, alabaster or whatever gives you that lit-up-from-within glow) on your wedding day is a given. In Judaism, the tradition of wearing this heavenly hue goes back to ancient Israel, during the days of the Second Temple. Once a year on Tu B’Av (the 15th day of the Jewish month of Av), young unmarried women would go out into the fields and vineyards outside Jerusalem in white garments and joyously sing and dance, in the hopes of finding their b’sheret. Though the fields of Shiloh have been replaced with The Palm Sophia Rooftop in bustling Los Angeles and the singing with a DJ, the purposeful optimism, excitement and symbolic white dress remained the same for modest trend-setter, Rachelle Zarabian née Yadegar.

Born in NYC and raised in Los Angeles, Rachelle is a stylist, fashion designer and a force to be reckoned with in the modest fashion world. With over 40,000 Instagram followers and counting, Zarabian gives daily closet inspiration with oversize maxi dresses, key layering pieces and as a recently married woman – polished headscarves (with accompanying tutorials) aplenty.

Rachelle had been on a unique journey to find her other half, having gone on two “first dates” with her now-husband, almost two years apart! So, it should come as no surprise, that this elegantly modest maven had an equally unique journey when it came to her wedding gown.

From the start, Zarabian knew she wanted a custom creation. In her own words, she wanted something very “Rachelle”. As such, she harkened back to her signature oversized, layered and chic style that her admirers have come to know and adore. She knew there was only one designer up for the task – Simin Taghdiri – the genius behind Simin Couture. Beverly Hills-based Simin Couture creations have been featured in a wide variety of prestigious institutions, from Madame Tussaud’s to Kensington Palace. Simin’s gowns have been worn by the likes of the former Queen of Iran, Paris Hilton, Reba McEntire and Abigail Breslin, just to name a few. Rachelle and Simin immediately connected through their Persian roots and their eyes for design. (Until the fall of 2020, Rachelle was one-half of modest apparel company, RaJu).

From the strikingly white satin material to the truly original pièce de résistance that was the Bardot neckline with a beaded turtleneck underneath, this dress is a modest masterpiece without sacrificing individuality.

Needless to say, the final wearable work of art left Rachelle speechless and utterly verklempt. Her special day went off without a hitch and everyone lived happily ever after. Rachelle is currently residing in Jerusalem for the year, pursuing her call to style, while her husband studies at Kollel.

Remember, no matter where you may find that life takes you, make the effort to find your field and dance!

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