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Funding Hate on College Campuses

The image shows a Fox News tweet reporting that nationwide anti-Israel protests are being supported by left-wing groups funded by George Soros and “dark money.”

As tent cities rise on the prestigious lawns of America’s elite universities, a disturbing trend funded by George Soros and his hard-left acolytes emerges, casting a long shadow over the landscape of higher education. The eruption of radical anti-Israel protests, starting at Columbia University and spreading like wildfire to Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Ohio State University, and Emory, is not just a spontaneous outcry but a calculated maneuver.

The organization at the heart of these demonstrations, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), is flush with Soros’s funds, enabling what can only be described as a campaign of indoctrination and intimidation. These protests are not the organic expressions of dissent they pretend to be. Instead, they are meticulously orchestrated actions meant to delegitimize Israel and inflame tensions on campuses already fraught with political polarization.

The confrontations with police, the disruption of academic activities, and the blatant disregard for university codes are all indicative of a deeper malaise—one that seeks to replace scholarly debate with ideological warfare. This is not merely activism; it is an insidious form of radicalism, dressed up as social justice, that threatens the very foundations of academic freedom and discourse.

Amid concerns about external funding and its influences on campus protests, Samantha Ettus, a noted commentator on social issues, highlights a grave aspect often overlooked. She states, “There has been an unprecedented rise of terrorist-funded radicalism on our college campuses. It is no longer about protecting Jewish students, it is also about protecting our students from jihadism and making sure Democracy is not replaced.” This sharp observation underscores the dual threat these protests pose not only to specific groups but also to the foundational values of democracy and safety in educational spaces.

The culpability of figures like Soros in fostering this environment cannot be overstated. By funding groups that sow discord and chaos, they undermine the educational missions of these institutions, turning them into battlegrounds for international conflicts. It is imperative that alumni, stakeholders, and academic leaders take a stand against this manipulation and reclaim their campuses. The future of academic integrity and the preservation of a balanced discourse depend on it.

Educational institutions must be places of learning and growth, not theaters of orchestrated political agitation. It is time to pull back the curtain on these radical movements and expose them for what they are: not champions of justice, but agents of division and disruption.

Amidst the rising concerns over external funding of campus protests, Professor Shai Davidai voices a poignant critique of the university leadership’s response to the crisis. He explains:

“Everything boils down to the university administration, headed by Shafik. Today, in an email she sent to the entire community discussing the events of last night and everything that led to them, there were only two words conspicuously missing: ‘Israel’ and ‘Jews.’ She made no mention of the Jewish students, faculty, and staff, nor of the Israeli students, faculty, and staff. Essentially, to the president of the university, we do not exist; she is actively trying to erase us from university life and experience. This comes after two weeks of the president negotiating with a pro-Hamas mob calling for our extinction, without even discussing our fate at the university, the Jewish professors, or me—specifically, the most vocal proponent of the Jewish community here. As I have said before, I’ll say it again: I am optimistic that in the long run, the United States will weather this storm, but I am not at all optimistic that the U.S. education system will, because the U.S. education system has, in fact, manufactured this storm. While the students will graduate and move on to different things in their lives, the faculty who have indoctrinated the students, egged on the students, and formed a human shield to protect these students will remain at the university and simply indoctrinate a new crop of students.”

In the face of these orchestrated protests, it is crucial for those who value truth and academic integrity to speak out. We must demand transparency in funding and intentions, hold our institutions accountable, and insist on maintaining campuses as bastions of free thought, not echo chambers of radicalism. Let us rally—alumni, students, and faculty—together to restore the sanctity of our educational environments. Stand up, speak out, and ensure our universities remain platforms for education, not indoctrination. This is a battle for the soul of our academic institutions, and it is one we cannot afford to lose.

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Linda Sadacka is a prominent political activist and community leader, renowned for her influential social media platform @lindaadvocate. Her advocacy, sparked by the tragic murder of a close friend by Hamas, has led her to become the CEO of the New York Jewish Council where she addresses significant Jewish community issues. Separately, she founded Moms on a Mitzvah, a 501(c)(3) charity focused on charitable works and community support. Linda's political endeavors include organizing forums with lawmakers and Nobel laureates, while her charitable initiatives leverage her skills in social media to engage broader audiences. Honored as a Woman of Distinction in 2022 by Senator Felder, Linda continues to drive her vision of a just and compassionate society through distinct avenues of public engagement and community support.
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