Future women of Gaza

When they eventually fathom the enormity of the betrayal by their leaders and the world, they will weep

Forty or fifty years from now, Palestinian women will sit in a healing circle with Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and Muslim women and they will sob deeply when they speak about the prison in which they were purposefully entrapped, and the horror of the intentional, social experiment upon which their entire faith was based. They will not be able to fathom how it was that they were so deeply indoctrinated into a cult that convinced them that the sacrifice of their children’s lives for the cause of something so absolutely ungodly as ‘death or forced conversion’ was worth it.

They won’t be able to comprehend how their children played at ‘decapitation’ and how their entire educational curriculum was dictated to by bloodthirsty militants whose version of the Koran was entirely misguided, unfounded and manipulated to suit their personal political and financial agendas. They wont believe, like we don’t believe, that it was even possible that they strapped bombs to their children’s chests and sent them out to the firing line to martyr themselves for the promise of an afterlife rooted in the physical desire of such infantile, male sexual fantasy – after all what is (the soul of) a four year old little boy going to do with seventy black eyed virgins ?

They will cry when they realize the degree to which they were betrayed by the very organization that presented humanitarian intentions but delivered something far more sinister. Entrapping no less than four generations into ‘permanent refugee’ status, the relief agency in their charge, managed to do everything other than, “help them achieve their full potential in human development”, as was their stated intention. Unless of course the UNRWA believes that the ‘full potential of human development’ of the Palestinian people rests solely with their susceptibility to be indoctrinated into the death-cult of fascist Islam and their willingness to play the role of Jihadist puppets in a tragedy written exclusively for the media circus.

And then they will turn to that media and shake their heads in disbelief at how so called professional, international journalists walked straight into the trap, falling like schoolboys chasing marbles, down the slippery slope of lies and deceit until they too found themselves in the heart of Islamo-mafia territory being dictated to by a sadistic, fascist organisation, threatened if they dare report anything close to the truth.

They will cry at the tragic loss of life fuelled by the presence of photojournalists desperate for bloodied, young subjects to sell the ‘sensation’ that was Gaza, and they will fall to the ground with grief for the part they played in allowing themselves to be subjugated to the pathetic will of the most spiritually depraved men calling the shots as if they were the prophets of Allah themselves, when in reality they were just greedy, ugly and well oiled.

They will wonder why ‘the world’, even ‘the Arab world’, did nothing to help them to shake off their refugee status and integrate them into a new life with the promise of a better future as refugees all over the world have done for centuries. “Why did they keep feeding us this lie?” they will ask, as they see the lights of Tel Aviv flickering in the distance and they feel the love and warmth of their sisters, women whose children study with theirs at university to become nurses and lawyers and teachers.

I am not suggesting Israel is not responsible, at least in part, for failing to integrate the Arab refugees who fled their homes in the country’s early days, but the prison of Gaza was a creation of ill intent, by both the United Nations powerful Arab state members, and the fascist arm of Islam – whose roots can be traced back to Nazi ideology. From its earliest days the UNRWA was a toxic creation, seeded by Islamo-fascist intentions and funded by the United Nations. It has committed the worst crimes against humanity, allowing children under its watch, and in its educational institutions to be indoctrinated into a death-cult, and entrapping generation after generation of refugees in a status of dependance and victimhood to serve a barbaric religious and political agenda. The United Nations and the International media outlets, Reuters and Associated Press must be held accountable for their part in the creation of these heinous crimes, so that one day mothers from Gaza can sit in a circle with and weep.

About the Author
Born in South Africa, raised in Sydney and still shocked but recovering in Israel, Rebecca Bermeister writes about all things Israeli from the arsim at the hairdresser, to the politics of the Temple Mount. Exploring the brilliant tapestry that makes up this fascinating country, her short pieces are both poignant and amusing.
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