G-d-s Master Plan—LVIII—(58): Focus On Families Of Terror Victims, Not Killers


Terrorism Shatters The Tranquility Of Israel’s Peace Progress With Its Arab Neighbors                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

At the time of writing, the killer(s) responsible for Esther Horgan’s death have not been located. However, this Blog is devoted to the memory of Esther Horgan. I will admit from the start that Esther and I have never met, but the name Esther has special meaning for me because that was my mother’s name. And therefore, because I have lived in Israel for 24 years, I feel like I have lost a close member of my family. And I am certain the other 7 million Jews who live with me in the land of milk and honey feel the same way. We are one nation who unite to support our brothers and sisters at all times; especially times as these when senseless tragedies happen against our people.

Esther Herself And Her Community Must Have Been In Total Shock By Her Killing

In Israel, whenever we go to places considered dangerous, many Israeli’s carry some form of protection. There is a video that has gone viral of Esther leaving the protection of her community and walking toward the forest. If you look closely, it does not appear Esther is prepared for any terrorist encounter, but is dressed like anyone would be that is preparing to do some form of physical exercise. And it was mentioned in many articles that this location was considered relatively safe prior to the terrorist attack.

Esther’s Killing Will Have The Most Effect On Esther’s Immediate Family

Esther made Aliyah from France and as I saw pictures of Esther’s grieving family standing and crying when Esther was being buried, it brought back memories of me standing at the graveside of Yoni Netanyahu in 1977, one year after he was the only IDF soldier to have been killed in the Entebbe rescue.

It was an Air France pilot and his crew who bravely refused to leave behind their passengers when the terrorists allowed the airline crew to go free. It was obvious that the crew felt a duty to help protect its passengers. It did not matter from where their passengers came from, they felt responsible for their lives as if it was their own family.

So brave Esther Horgan goes into the forest dressed not as a soldier but meets her death from someone who felt justified to smash her skull with a rock though, as confirmed by those pictures shortly before Esther left her home, she posed absolutely no threat to her killer whatsoever.

But going back to my point about standing next to Yoni’s grave, I remember feeling a deep sense of loss seeing this with my own eyes, though I never met Yoni but knew how he had sacrificed his life to save the hostages along with all of Yoni’s IDF fellow soldiers.

Therefore, when I use the term “Immediate Family” above, I am not only referring to Esther’s family and relatives, but to all Israelis and Jews wherever they may live.

I respect Esther, her family, and members of her community for having the courage to live in a part of Israel that can be subject to such terrorist attacks. That seems to be the quality that the French Air Crew, referred to above, also possessed when facing the danger of the Entebbe terrorists.

Esther Was Killed The Same Way As IDF Soldier Amit Ben Y’Gal

I wrote a Blog on May 14 as a tribute to IDF Soldier Amit Ben Y’Gal who also died as a result of a large stone striking his head. This Blog can be viewed by clicking on the following link-


It was a Palestinian terrorist who hurled this large stone at Amit’s head and judging by news reports detailing the signs on Esther’s body when she was found, it appears the cause of her death was exactly the same.

Who Could Do Such A Thing?

Husband Binyomin described his wife as being “so full of life and light and love for everyone, and all this was cut short in an instant.”

“There are no words,” he added. “Who could do such a thing?”

And that is a question everyone must be asking. It makes no sense that any decent human being would kill a defenseless woman like Esther in such a barbaric manner.

Daughter Odelia –  “I Am Sorry That You Will Not Dance At My Wedding.”

Perhaps one of the most touching things said at Esther’s funeral was by daughter Odelia – “My mother is my best friend. She came to visit me at the end of the world, in Australia. Where are you now, mother? I am sorry that you will not dance at my wedding.”

In an effort to ensure that the memory of Esther Horgan will live on, I am including links to various news articles from different sources below-





And to Esther Horgan’s family-


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