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Game of Drones

A flight of fancy over the reported capture by Hamas of an Israeli UAV

In a landmark event, the first ever drone swap between Israel and Hamas will take place on Sunday August 16th, 2015. Israel will return 2,000 Hamas drones which have been captured over the past 15 years in exchange for the recently downed Israeli drone.

The Hamas drones consist of a mixture of the early and crude I.P.U.P. model and the more recent, newer version I.C.U.C. model. The Israeli drone being returned contains F.U. technology designed and developed by Far Kyoo systems in China. It’s believed that the Israeli government initially obtained this model via mail order, a belief which, at this time, has not been confirmed.

A government source commented “We are committed to Far Kyoo and therefore this exchange must go ahead.”

Insider reports coming out of the Hamas camp indicate that a third model drone is being developed based on materials illegally smuggled into Gaza. The new model – series I.C.U.P. – is said to be used for short and long range monitoring. Made from a combination of plastic water bottles, can openers and used toilet rolls, the I.C.U.P. can zoom in on even the very smallest of objects.

Ahmed Bin-Bizzy, the Hamas minister of Drone warfare released a statement. “We are proud to be welcoming home our returned Drones. We hope that they have been well maintained in accordance with UN Regulation NE 5HIT.” The Israeli government confirmed that the drones had been cared for and had let the Red Cross in to inspect at regular intervals. All drones received regular upgrades, free oil changes and frequent flyer rewards over the past 15 years, paid for by Israeli taxpayers.

The condition of the Israeli drone being returned is not yet known.

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