Gaza’s recent arrival in America


I wrote a Blog nearly two years ago — on May 21, 2019, to be exact. It was titled – “GAZA-Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You — Wake Up America”.

You can view this Blog at the following link.

My final paragraph reads as follows:

So just like Alan Dershowitz observed about Gaza in my previous Blog, that the Palestinians have turned it into a giant rocket launching pad. Minneapolis, the city of beautiful lakes and greenery has now become the terrorist recruiting capital of the US. Which city wants to be next?

Just look at today’s news and it is clear Alan Dershowitz gives an accurate description of what the Palestinians have done to Gaza. And certain parts of large American cities are looking more like Gaza.

All Squad Members Continue To Back Israel’s Enemies

America has many enemies, but no doubt, Hamas is Israel’s primary adversary. All Squad members continue to support the Palestinians and by extension Hamas. A major reason Rep. Tlaib and Rep. Omar were banned from Israel by Bibi because their trip was sponsored by Hamas supporter Miftah.

The Democratically controlled Congress is more interested in Defunding Police rather than Defending Israel’s right to exist and the US Constitution itself.

The Twin Cities Will Never Be The Same — The Democrats Are Guilty

Long before George Floyd made headlines, Omar made many false statements against Israel, including accusing the Jewish State of Apartheid against the Palestinians, who would not be allowed to live in Israel among Jews, if Israel strictly enforced the Apartheid laws. And, therefore, a major reason the Palestinians give for the current rocket attacks by Omar’s friends is their eviction from an East Jerusalem neighborhood. Pure Apartheid laws would have caused those Palestinian families to be evicted from their homes many years ago. Problem Solved.

That lie is only one among many other pieces of evidence that have since surfaced regarding Omar’s family and marital history since she began sitting in “Occupied Territory” located in the US House Chamber’s 5th Minnesota district seat. It is very disturbing to see what has become of my hometown since she took over.

The US Justice Department Should Be Launching An Investigation Against Ilhan Omar Not The Minneapolis Police Department

Derek Chavin has stood trial, and his other former partners are awaiting trial, but the Democrats refuse to investigate Ilhan Omar, despite an enormous amount of evidence against her.

I have written previous blogs pointing out that Minnesota State Rep. Steve Drazkowski filed official complaints against Ilhan Omar complete with supporting documentation. One such story appeared on the ABC News site at the following link.

In addition, Glenn Beck of Blaze TV did an extensive analysis of Ilhan Omar’s family history which raises many questions, among them being, the possibility that Ilhan Omar is not her real name, and she married her brother.

I have not heard if any of these investigations were completed, but it is most definitely of vital importance that these claims are investigated, and the results announced to the public.

If major US Networks think it is important to cover the full Chauvin trial, who was accused of murdering one Black man, then it is just as important Ilhan Omar is investigated for the abovementioned charges as well as supporting terrorism and Hamas who are shooting rockets to attack my family and fellow Israelis as I write this.

Without An Investigation Into Ilhan Omar, It Is Clear No Justice Exists Within The US Judicial System.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

And That Should Apply Equally To All Other US Lawmakers Supporting US Enemies.

Without Congress Taking Any Action Then Lawlessness Should Continue Across The US.

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