Zaq Harrison
Zaq Harrison
Former Lone Soldier who's Grandpa sold sheets to the Klan

George Washington needed the eggs

A man says to the doctor “my brother thinks he’s a chicken.” The Doc asks “how long has this been going on”? The man says “about 20-25 years.” The Doc asks him “why didn’t you bring him sooner?” The man answers “we needed the eggs.”

A recent blog spoke to the health of our beloved Israeli democracy and the need for term limits of a Prime Minster. I don’t need to be an Ivy League venture capitalist to agree with him wholeheartedly. However, I do not share the authors Abba Eben’esque hubris of what is best for the electorate.

At the end of Michael Jordan’s career, a reporter asked Michael what he thought about the comments from a young bench player who complained that Michael, who clearly wasn’t the legendary Michael anymore, was taking a roster position and court time away from another player. Michael said “if he wants my job let him come and take it.”

For arguments sake let’s say that the typical Bibi voter is likely not as educated as those who post Blogs extolling the Israeli electorate to weigh the consequences of the philosophical demands of democracy on its citizenry. Nor will those typical Bibi voters likely ever to be invited to the Shabbat lunches and parlor meetings in Ranaana and North Tel Aviv. If you can survive financially a drastic plunge in the economy then you are not likely a typical Bibi voter. If the economy tanks and you can’t take the entire family for that second trip overseas this year then you are not likely a typical Bibi voter.

George Washington was not the head of a parliamentary democracy. David Ben Gurion didn’t exactly go quietly into the night and given his role in stewarding an openly racist Labor movement that included the kidnapping of Yemenite children I wouldn’t be so quick to use him as any example of virtue in a moral argument. The author has an argument to be made but misses the point.

Before you tell me about the continued dangers to democracy that Bib represents if he remains in office first let’s talk about what matters to the people who have put him in office for 15 years. I would suggest not to treat them like they’re stupid. If you want these folks to vote for someone other than Bibi try in very clear and simple language to explain why. If you are unable to do this it is likely more of a reflection on your inability to communicate a clear and concise idea than them understanding.

The last four elections have all been a referendum on Bibi the person, I can’t recall one coherent argument on policy, not one. All of the voters are asking themselves the same simple question: Why should I vote for change? If “just because I say so” doesn’t work with kids why would you think it will work with adults?

I had a long conversation a few years back with one of the current candidates for Prime Minister. I found this person to be intelligent, considerate, experienced and their outlook was a great cross between respect for tradition balanced with a healthy Libertarian philosophy. I thought finally a leader we can all respect, a great mix and just what Israel needs. Then I heard this person speak. Depressed comedians are second only to politicians who are drop dead “snooze” boring public speakers.

Let’s talk about Israel. Did you know that Israel is the only western country that still has debtors prison? Not only can a creditor legally break into your house and confiscate your kid’s karaoke machine, you can also lose the right to leave the country and are you open to lots of other nasty things. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb saying the average Bibi voter knows all about this while many of those who are reading this don’t have a clue. Bringing change may require one to walk a few kilometers in another’s sandalim.

A political science debate on the merits of term limits is a luxury many Israeli’s don’t have. They can’t afford to trust your altruism, it isn’t personal, they literally can’t afford to be wrong. I would suggest to those who truly want to see change to take the time and make a better argument to their fellow citizens.

Why do these folks keep voting for Bibi? It’s simple, they need the eggs.

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Born and raised in a kosher home in rural America, he is the son of a ham salesman and his Grandpa Sam sold sheets to the Klan. Zaq was an IDF Lone Soldier and is the father to three Lone Soldiers. In 2011 Zaq wrote “They Are All Gone” for the HBO documentary “Sport in America: Our Defining Stories,” the personal impact of the murder of the 11Israeli Olympians at the 1972 Munich games (
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