Germany is failing Ukraine again and again

Frozen Forest  - photo.T.Cebulski SKY HERITAGE PICTURES
Frozen Forest s - photo.T.Cebulski SKY HERITAGE PICTURES
Germany is failing again and again.
Their level of political indecisiveness and drifting in relation to the war in Ukraine costs hundreds of lives of Ukrainians a day.
The German political marketing in form of proclaimed “Zeitenwende” proved to be a void statement to please the world and Germans demanding change. Most of the German political, financial and economic leadership sits deep in the pockets of Russian oligarchy and Kremlin’s KGB style blackmailing. After 20 years of cordial relations the Russians must have used every possible situation to produce “Kompromats” compromising material on every German politician or industrialist they have dealt with. Now Putin does exactly what he was trained to do all his life. He became a master of puppets in the miserable theater of German politics.
Frozen Forest – photo.T.Cebulski SKY HERITAGE PICTURES
Instead of “Zeitenwende” we have “Scholtzing” which is a miserable manipulative policy of communicating good intentions but delaying any decisions or actions. “Scholtzing” leads to “Schroedering” which means a full scale collaboration with the enemy for personal profits over the heads of a nation that one has represented.
Now we can observe how the 80 years of pledged German responsibility and guilt in relation to WWII erodes in the inability to approach decisively the Russian war against Ukraine.
Political manipulations and hesitative approach costs lives.
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