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I wrote this in 2002. To bring this up-to-date, we have to change “Dan Rather” to “Scott Pelley”, “Arafat” to his Hamas honor student, and “Jenin” to “Gaza.” The rest is history repeating itself.

April 24, 2002


Carefully edited and theatrically rehearsed news broadcasts by some major networks, NPR, and public television stations that are impervious to fact about developments in Israeli’s War on Terror, are misinforming the American public. This is because they have taken a side in the conflict, and their broadcasting is geared not to disprove their position, but to enhance it, even if it means burying the truth under a dung heap of perfidy, continuously recycled innuendo, and contradictory double standards.

Thus, CBS’s Dan Rather, seen shedding tears for the victims of 9/11, contrasts sharply with his crocodile tears for the Palestinians in Jenin, some of whom danced in the streets when 3000 innocent Americans perished. His verbal semantics and photographic gymnastics also portray a picture of innocent civilians allegedly massacred in Jenin, using unsubstantiated data generously furnished and highly burnished by those who actively planned and abetted massacres in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Hadera, and Nethanya, and those whose only representatives to a world Olympics was a hit team to commit a massacre in Munich.

What Mr. Rather and colleagues have in common with Mr. Arafat and company is that they are fighting a media war against Israel. Their repeated but unsubstantiated allegations (how many times do you make an allegation until it is automatically transformed into an assertion?) to heavy civilian casualties contrasts sharply to actual facts. Using their often recurrent phrase such as “unarmed Palestinian civilians” and “heavily armed Israeli soldiers” in a sentence describing actual events would leave us with this: “23 HEAVILY ARMED ISRAELI SOLDIERS WERE KILLED IN HEAVY FIGHTING WITH UNARMED PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS.”

Scrutinizing this sentence closely brings us to the truth, that “unarmed Palestinian civilians” are not the latest weapons in the ground war but a misleading one in the media war. Israel lost more soldiers in Jenin naively fighting house to house so as not to cause civilian casualties, than America lost in all of Afghanistan rightfully using blockbuster bombs to minimize our casualties and maximize theirs. Let us remember, what these two armies have in common is that they both are fighting mass murderers on America’s list of terrorist organizations.

Also, American civilians were called to the colors as reserves after 9/11, just as Israeli soldiers were civilians before being called to duty after their Passover seders, bat mitzvahs, synagogues, shopping centers, buses, restaurants, pizzerias, and teenage discotheques were turned into slaughterhouses by terrorists, using bombs loaded with nails and ball bearings soaked in anticagulants so the wounded would bleed to death. Please note that the 9/11 suicide bombers used only planes fully loaded with fuel so thousands of Americans would be, and actually were, incinerated.

If today’s anchormen could replace yesterday’s judges at the Nuremberg trials, all the mass murderers would have been exonerated and the victims convicted.

Opening our eyes to the truth and our hearts to our feeling of national salvation should make any normal American applaud the decimation of those Arab terrorists responsible for one 9/11 in the United States and so many 9/11s in Israel.

About the Author
Daniel Levinson is a U.S. Navy veteran, veteran of the Yom Kippur War, combatant in the terrorist raid of Nahariya, and the father of two reserve officers in the Israeli Army.
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