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Give Us Your Naked Jews!

Video of Yossi Davidian, of Moshav Patish, speaking of the atrocities he had seen at the Nova Festival site. Video shown at the NYC Nova Exhibit.

Photo Credit: Shahar Azani
Video of Yossi Davidian, of Moshav Patish, speaking of the atrocities he had seen at the Nova Festival site. Video shown at the NYC Nova Exhibit. Photo Credit: Shahar Azani

They were running frantically through the fields. 

They were eight, shedding clothes as they fled the massacre scene at the Nova Music Festival, where Hamas barbarians were raping, pillaging, mutilating, torturing and murdering their friends.

They were running for their lives.

For Yunis Alkarnawi, a Bedouin from the nearby city of Rahat in the Negev, Saturday, October 7th, was another work day on the farm. The last thing he, or anyone else for that matter, would expect is that 8 half-naked young Israelis would appear on his doorstep begging for help. 

Yunis did not hesitate, not even for a second, and gave the youngsters a phone to call their families and some food and water.

Suddenly, Yunis was told by Thai workers on the farm that they saw a motorcycle in the distance. Yunis knew exactly these were Hamas terrorists, and the youngsters quickly found refuge underneath a structure in the farm. As the barbarians were making their way in their direction, Yunis went ahead to face evil. 

One of the two terrorists jumped off the motorcycle and approached Yunis: “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I am a Muslim from Rahat,” Yunis told him, speaking Arabic, “and I work on this farm. What do you want?”

“Give us the naked Jews you are hiding”, the barbarian demanded.

“I have none,” Yunis replied, “and you had better go away before we have trouble.”

The terrorists kept on pushing, but Yunis would not give the Jews up to them until they relented and drove off.

As one listens to Yunis’ testimony and the emotional meeting he had with the youngsters he had saved on that fateful day, one can begin the journey of trying to digest the atrocities perpetrated on October 7th by Hamas barbarians against innocent Israeli babies, girls, women, men, the elderly and entire families.

To so many of us who are still very much in the midst of this war, inside – and outside of – Israel, the scene above, and too many others like it, are reminiscent of nothing short of the Holocaust. Palestinian incitement against Jews, allowed to fester uninterruptedly, was the engine behind this inhumane abomination, which should have never been allowed into our world.

Similar to the Holocaust, many hateful terror-supporting antisemites did not even wait until we buried our dead – and began with victim-blaming, “contextualizing” the massacre, and preaching outright Holocaust denial. No rapes took place, they told us, as we looked down at the bodies of dozens of innocent girls who’d been defiled before and after death. No civilians were murdered; they unabashedly lied as we scoured the charred homes seeking for ashen remnants of children tortured and burnt alive.

The horrid atrocities of October 7th, just like the Holocaust, shall forever be etched in our hearts and on our minds. It shall forever live in our memory and guide our actions. 

To understand the above is to understand Israeli resilience, determination, and the spirit of a nation. 

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Veteran Israeli Diplomat. Speaker, Author, JBS Senior Vice President. Formerly Israel's Consul for Media Affairs in NY and L.A.. Thankful for every day. Hopeful for the future.
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