Grandparents for Greta……

This week, I came across an adorable video showing the sweet shenanigans of baby animals, with their parents or caregivers close by. The video pointed out that all animals are amazing for their abilities to survive in this/their world, despite the thoughtless acts of those who call themselves “humans“ but who are a disgrace to the human race.

Having arrogantly hijacked the planet, by polluting the oceans, the land, and the atmosphere, the inhumane among us, add insult to injury, by choosing to remain selfishly unaware of what such arrogance does.

This planet either was intended to be shared, among us and the animals, in a healthy balance. By what stretch of the imagination can anyone, especially in the corporate world of pollution and plastics, think that they have the arrogant right to change that balance?

Doing so is akin to

breaking into someone else’s home,

caging them in plastic, choked filled, positions (from where they can see us),

rearranging everything to suit us,

filling their previously clean air and water supply with cigarette and cigar smoke, rancid cooking oils, and other disgusting pollutants, while we cook some of their relatives and babies,

entering into their dining room with our unwashed hands and dirty feet or dirty shoes,

smearing our feces on their tables, chairs, and walls,

leaving all of our plastic and rotten trash in their bathrooms and kitchens,

and expecting them, from where they stand, sit, lay down, as we force them to do, do they won’t be in our way,


“like what we’ve done to the place”.

As a lawyer, I rest my case. As a person who should have done a better job when Benjamin was arrogantly advised, “plastics, my boy”, sought to bring disease to the planet, I now want to help make amends:

I’ve tried to stop eating anything with a face on it;

I’ve asked for paper when I can and am trying to stop buying and using anything made of plastic (although that’s almost an impossibility, I believe that if we can put as much energy into “our planet’s lives matter” as we do other matters, we can get the attention of the polluting corporate world as effectively as other groups have done);

I’m learning to recycle (although the places that were supposed to be able to do that are sometimes a joke);

and in case I missed anything,

I’m going to seek out the Gretas of the world to offer my apology for my own plastic covered arrogance and to lend what ever support I can….starting with my writing as a wake up call to those I can reach.

About the Author
The author is a Common-Tater, which, when spoken aloud, is a very professional sounding title, for a Mrs. Potato Head. But from the spelling of the title, you can see that, when the author comments on life, she tries to keep a sense of humor in the mix, or in the potato salad, if you will, to try and spice up the spuds. Mrs. Potato Head, also a coffee slut, as you can see from the background behind her photo, lives in the U.S. and has had various careers, in alternative lives, as a teacher, social worker, lawyer, serious and humorous radio show writer, producer, performer and currently as a video humorist and writer. Although, the age of an eleven year old dog (actually a bitch, but we won’t go there), she remains as active as a pup.
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