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Graveyard Pundits Won’t Stop Mister Amer-I-Can

Their masters have been vanquished in a very real life Game of Thrones meets House of Cards that has left Donald J. Trump’s historic takeover of the Republican Party beyond the point of no return. As a lifelong Democrat, witnessing presidential aspirations collapse for one GOP giant after another was easy to enjoy.

Over the past seven and a half years, those who inherited the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan spared no effort transforming the GOP into a damn of opposition to any potential for Barack Obama’s platform and promises to be negotiated into bi-partisan achievements that could strengthen America and millions who felt marginalized and left behind. From the moment our first African-American president took the oath of office in January 2009, the Republican leadership and legions of enabling nationwide cheerleaders blatantly stonewalled any chance for a political process that put nation above partisanship, while encouraging or remaining silent in the face of vilification unprecedented in America’s relatively new age of 24/7 media.

With their masters decimated by millions of voters radicalized by their own policies, trounced puppet masters and their once loyal puppeteers continue to flood the airwaves and publications to feign alarm at the result of a deliberate strategy to distract America from their collective failures at home and abroad by ensuring there would be no legacy of accomplishment for Obama or the Democratic Party. Success crippling, demeaning and undermining the president paved the way for Game of Trump to rise to the top of their Grand Old Party.

America's Game of Trump
America’s Game of Trump (Seth Eisenberg)

While their nonstop critiques and analysis of the presumptive Republican nominee’s every utterance may win the applause of defeated benefactors, those who have been inspired to political action by Mr. Amer-I-Can are no more likely to give them heed than they were during the candidate’s lightning GOP takeover.

By the time a deeply polarized America heads to the polls in November, there’s a good chance every American and our closest Allies too will pay the price for their strategy of obstruction with the election of a president who will lead our nation to places unknown in modern American history.

Voters likely to ultimately reject Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump to the world’s most powerful job this fall well know what the steady hand of politics as normal will deliver for America generally and their families specifically. Far too many have lived it far too long.

Despite swinging polls, those who have propelled Trump to the top of the Republican Party, Clinton-haters, Independents tired of the politics of politicians, and plenty of disenfranchised Democrats are likely more committed than ever to ignoring the doublespeak of one time advisors to Bush (one, two and three), Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich, let alone those who would have fared worse had they courageously or naively stepped into the 2016 Republican Family Feud.

Like it or hate it, there’s plenty of evidence Trump’s unknown potential to lead a divided nation and positively contribute to a world facing challenges on every continent will soon be put to the test.

If elected, Trump will not be our first apprentice commander-in-chief. His ability to tangibly return our nation to the potential of Amer-I-Canism will determine if he becomes our last.

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Seth Eisenberg is President/CEO of Purpose Built Families Foundation. Purpose Built Families is a nationally accredited, American nonprofit that advances its mission through evidence-based services to strengthen families as a foundation of resilient homes, neighborhoods and communities. Eisenberg is a former member of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
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