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Habura model for communities

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When the Zehud online school was established, we committed ourselves to providing top quality and deeply impactful Ivrit and Judaic Studies online learning for Jewish Children in Europe – and especially to those Jewish children who lived in small and under-resourced Jewish communities.

Over the past few years, and as confirmed by our parent body, Zehud has become a wonderful learning solution for children and families, and like our name ‘Zehud’ implies, through what we have given to our families, their Jewish identity has been strengthened.

But in addition to our direct contact with families, we have also been approached by a number of small and medium Jewish communities who want to collaborate and partner with Zehud to improve the services that they are currently providing.
Unlike some Jewish organizations, Zehud is neither political or territorial. Instead, we are a simple, grass-roots, educational non-profit that are driven by the deep belief that education empowers young people by giving them knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Zehud is privileged to partner with a number of communities in Europe, and we hope that the insights and resources that we can provide them will enrich and enhance the lives of even more Jewish children and by extension, supporting Jewish families and Communities to thrive in their Jewish future in Europe. Will you be joining us? we hope so…..

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About the Author
Tal lives in Venice, Italy, in an antique Jewish Orthodox community that enjoys over 500 years of colorful history. She has fallen hopelessly in love with Jewish Europe and runs The Zehud Jewish Online School & Foundation for Jewish Life in Europe. Most communities today don't have a Jewish School, by virtually uniting smaller groups to create a critical mass, we have connected it with high quality Jewish education . Passionate about promoting sites of Jewish interest and Jewish personalities , Tal especially enjoys social encounters and hosts locals and internationals for eclectic Shabbat dinners. She has taken her management skills and applied them to various multicultural challenges, family life and even parenting. Tal believes in the power of the WE.
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