Haha! Jews are Dying!

I am furious.

I am furious that going outside is now considered a luxury.

I am furious that my entire Facebook is filled with expressions of frustration, fear, and anger.

Some try to lighten the mood with some attempts at some morbid humor. Haha! Jews are being stabbed and shot again! Haha! Protect yourselves with Dragonball fire!

Feeling scared to go out?

Here are several tips to look less Jewish. Hint: If getting a nose job is too expensive, just remove any signs of Jewdom. You know… that weird hat you put on your head. Or cover that hat with another hat, a less Jewy hat.

Scared for your kids? Protect them with Bruce Lee nunchuks! Available here!

Laughing yet?

Maybe this will make you laugh.

Almost every single headline in the international news, says some variation of this : Israeli soldiers shoots Palestinian teenager. They forget to mention this teenager was in the middle of stabbing a Jewish 13 year old child to death. You know…details. Still not funny yet? How about this?

When my mother wakes up this morning, the first thing she is going to do is check the news. And she will see 3 dead in Jerusalem. Maybe by the time I post this it will be more. And my phone will ring. And her pleading voice will be on the other side. “Are you alright? Please don’t go outside. Please.”

Hilarious yet? No? You sure?

I don’t know. I can’t tell. I have stopped laughing.

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I grew up in Baltimore, the last of five girls born to two parents who escaped Soviet Russia. After I graduated Emory University, I made aliyah and served in the IAF. Now I am studying for my master's degree in International Relations at Hebrew University.
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