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With endorsements from people like  Gov. Mike Huckabee, Mark Levin, Peter Schweizer and Dennis Prager you know that you are in for a great read.

David Horowitz’s new look “BLITZ Trump Will Smash the Left and Win” (Humanix Books) delivers. He begins by describing how the Left has been laying in wait for the opportunity to undermine and destroy the United States.


Not when you are reminded of the record malfeasance of leading Democratic party members, elected officials and the mainstream news.

Reading the Horowitz book is like approaching a multi-car accident. You pass one vehicle leaning against the guardrail. You observe another, its panels crushed. You drive past a third. It is upside down. Suddenly you see a door open and out emerges a tousled haired blonde man wearing a Trump tie.

The Left, says Horowitz, has been trying to remove Trump since the day he announced that he was running for president. They started with slander.

“Racist!” they screamed though Trump’s history revealed that he had supported one liberal cause after another and had an especially warm relationship with many of the same black leaders who now demonize him.

“Islamaphobe!’ they accused. Dems brought the father of a United States Purple Heart and Bronze Star winner of Islamic descent to their national convention where he angrily attacked Trump. “Have you even read the U.S. Constitution?” he demanded waving a pamphlet. What did Trump do that was Islamaphobic? Nothing. He banned entry from 7 Islamic countries which failed to control terrorism while admitting people from dozens of other Muslim majority countries.

Every evil thing the Dems have accused Trump of doing, the Dems have done themselves.

Russia? Obama promised President Dmitry Medvedev “After the election. I have more flexibility.” Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State when the U.S. sold twenty percent of its uranium to an organization associated with Russia. Obama had to power to object, but he remained silent. Even though Clinton had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the White House agreeing that the Clinton Global Initiative, a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation would not solicit funds from foreign countries while she was Secretary of State, it continued to do so. In addition, Bill Clinton  received speaking fees from foreign entities while Hillary was Secretary, including $500,000 paid by a Russian financial group.

Ukraine? Cue video of Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations boasting that he had threatened the Ukrainian prosecutor that if he didn’t drop his investigation into Burisma which had paid his son millions, the United States would cut off foreign aid.
The list is long.

The most shocking part of Horowitz’s book is the sheer number of things the Democrats did to undermine Trump and the rule of law. Democrats created the “Resistance” (especially so termed to recall resistance against Nazis) to oppose Trump and portray him an an illegitimate president. As an additional insult, 70 elected Democrats boycotted his inauguration.

The federal whistle blower form which the Democrats used to try to impeach Trump originally required personal knowledge by the alleged whistle blower  The subject whistle blower, who has been identified as a former high level Obama administration employee, admitted that he had no personal knowledge of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President. No problem!  Dems changed the  form to no longer require personal knowledge.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-NY) recited a dialogue in which Trump attempted to induce the Ukrainian President to produce evidence about Biden. Schiff called it a “classic Mafia-like shakedown”. The transcript, voluntarily released by Trump showed no such conversation. Schiff had neglected to say that he had fabricated his tableau until he was called out and then he daintily termed it a “parody”

Most significantly Horowitz spells out how George Soros’ globalist schemes fit hand in glove with D.C’s grifter reality. Washington swamp hood was, in effect the reason was Dems so detested Trump. Trump was an outsider and he was exposing them.

To his credit (and the fury of Democrats) despite everything,Trump has accomplished a great deal in domestic and foreign affairs. He made America energy independent which increased jobs and lowered the cost of gasoline. As an additional benefit it contributed to a power re-alignment in the Middle East  that could barely have been imagined. His “First Step” program addressed prison reform. He made major changes in the Veterans Administration resulting in an 89.7% patient approval rating. The illegal southwest border crossings greatly dropped, reducing human trafficking, and drug dealing. He created trade deals that benefited the United States. He withdrew from the toothless Iran Deal. And on and on.

Will Trump win re-election in 2020?

Horowitz seems to think it is a slam-dunk.

It is hard to argue with truth, logic and justice unless of course, someone is still shrieking “But Hillary won the popular vote!”

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