“Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas”

Where is the outrage???

Only 70 years ago, 6 million Jews in Europe were murdered in the Holocaust, many of them in gas chambers, and today in cities throughout Europe “Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas” is a familiar chant heard at “Pro-Palestinian” rallies. Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

Barely 70 years after the Vichy French government cooperated with the Nazis to identify and round up Jews in France for deportation to the death camps, Jews in France are being terrorized for being Jewish. Synagogues are under attack (8 Synagogues attacked within one week in July), Jewish businesses are being fire bombed and Jews are regularly being physically assaulted in the street. Chants of “Death to the Jews” are commonplace. One hour after an “anti-Israel” demonstration in Toulouse, France, Molotov cocktails were thrown at a Jewish Community Center in Toulouse. And on July 20, 2014 a mob of 400 men armed with Molotov cocktails attacked a Synagogue, a Jewish owned Pharmacy and a kosher supermarket all while carrying banners reading “Death to the Jews” and “Slit Jews’ Throats.” The kosher supermarket was burned to the ground. Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

In late July 2014 in cities throughout Germany – Dortmund, Frankfurt, Kassel, Hamburg, Essen, and Mainz (among others) protestors aggressively and loudly chanted “Hamas Hamas Juden ins gas” (“Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas”) and “Scheiss Juden” (“Jewish shit”). At one of those demonstrations in Hamburg, “anti-Israel” protestors assaulted an elderly Jewish man and then demonstrating their courage and honor even further, by attacking his daughter when she tried to help him. And on July 31, 2014 in Wuppertal, Germany, 3 Molotov cocktails were thrown into a Synagogue that was previously destroyed on Kristallnacht in 1938. Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

In Italy, only 70 years after it was a member of the Fascist Axis, and Brown Shirts were proudly marching through the streets of Rome, Jewish owned stores and businesses in Rome during the week of August 4, 2014 were covered with Swastikas and such brilliant expressions of hate as “Torch the Synagogues” and “Jews Your End is Near.” Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

In The Hague, Netherlands where ironically the International Court of Justice is located, at pro-ISIS rallies held on July 4 and 24, 2014 (that’s right, there are enough maniacs in the Netherlands to have not one, but two pro-ISIS rallies), there were calls for “Death to the Jews” and chants advocating for murdering “dirty Jews from the sewers” (must be catchier in the original language). And in Amsterdam, where once brave and righteous Gentiles helped to hide Jews like Anne Frank from the horrors of virulent anti-Semitism, the home of Dutch Senior Rabbi Binjamim Jacobs was attacked, a Jewish woman was seriously beaten after she had the temerity to hang an Israeli flag on her balcony and another Jewish woman had her apartment firebombed this past July after she hung an Israeli flag on her balcony. This same woman, Leah Rabinovich also received threats, such as “Hitler will be back” and “Jews Must Die.” Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

In England, anti-Semitic incidents are up 500% from last summer with chants of “Hitler was right” and “Oh Jew you will die” being familiar refrains at anti-Israel rallies. And a large supermarket chain in London last week removed from it shelves all kosher products, even those that were made in England and Poland out of fear that those products would be destroyed by pro-Hamas demonstrators. Unfortunately, that fear of anti-Semitic vandalism was likely not misplaced as British police have tallied over 100 hate crimes targeting Jews in July alone. Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

In Hungary, where around 550,000 Jews were killed during the Holocaust, where thousands of Jews were drowned in the freezing waters of the Danube River, where 100,000 Jews presently reside, the Neo-Nazi Jobbik party won 21% of the votes in the last election (in April 2014) and is now the third largest political party in Hungary. Spectators at soccer games in Hungary can be heard chanting “Mussolini” and “Sieg Heil”. To add to the atmosphere of intolerance in Hungary, vandals defaced the memorial in Budapest for Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. And, speaking of Sweden, Jewish schools have been repeatedly vandalized – spray painted with such brilliant prose as “Jewish swine,” “Disgusting Jews” and of course the Nazi greeting “Heil Hitler” as well as numerous Swastikas. And on August 18, 2014, a woman, Ana Syorgen, was beaten up by another group of obviously very brave men for wearing a Star of David. Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

In Turkey, the anti-Semite-in-chief, Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, leads the charge on inflammatory Jew hating rhetoric, comparing Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler (amazing how anti-Semites love to compare Jews to Nazis) and warning Turkey’s 15,000 Jews that they should openly come out against Israel. Responding to that hateful rhetoric from their head of state, Turkey’s anti-Semites have become increasingly aggressive. Blaming Jews for natural disasters, such as the recent coal mining accident in Soma, Turkey and marching through Jewish neighborhoods in Istanbul chanting anti-Semitic slogans has become the new normal in Turkey. Taking their cue from their appallingly anti-Semitic leader, Yeni Akit, the Turkish daily newspaper affiliated with Erdogan, called on the country’s Jewish community to apologize for the casualties of Israel’s operation in Gaza. In an open letter to Turkey’s Chief Rabbi, Yeni Akit correspondent Faruk Köse wrote, “You have lived comfortably among us for 500 years and gotten rich at our expense. Is this your gratitude – killing Muslims? Erdogan, demand that the community leader apologize!” And in mid-July, popular Turkish singer Yıldız Tilbe tweeted praise for Hitler. “May God bless Hitler” she said. “If God allows, it will again be Muslims who will bring the end of those Jews, it is near, near.” Ankara’s Mayor, who is a senior member of Erdogan’s AKP party, praised the singer’s tweets. “I applaud you Yıldız Tilbe for the messages you deliver to many of your colleagues and especially to the Turkish nation.” Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

Meanwhile, in the United States, home to the largest Jewish community outside of Israel, we have seen a significant increase in synagogues being defaced with Swastikas, the Neo-Nazi “88” symbol and even “Hamas.” While the most common chant at anti-Israel rallies in America is still the catchy and genocidal “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free,” many rallies in the USA have been rife with even more bald-faced Jew hate. In Seattle, Jews and Israel were compared to Nazis and signs were seen depicting supposed Jewish blood lust (one sign at a Seattle hate rally depicted a Jew eating a child along with a cup of blood to wash it all down). In Los Angeles and Boston, pro-Israel demonstrators recently were physically attacked. In Miami, FL, an Orthodox Rabbi walking to Synagogue on a Shabbat morning was murdered during what police are calling a botched robbery, though it happened at 9:00 a.m. and Orthodox Jews are known not to carry money on Shabbat. Meanwhile, a week earlier a synagogue only a few blocks away from where the Rabbi was gunned down was spray painted with Swastikas. Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

In the Arab world, thousands of Jews have been slaughtered over the centuries for simply the crime of being Jewish, including back in December 30, 1066 when all 5000 of the Jews in Granada, Spain were murdered by an Arab mob, and where during the past century alone hundreds of Jews were massacred in various anti-Semitic inspired riots and Pogroms ranging from Morocco to Iraq, including riots in Hebron in 1929 (where 67 Jews were murdered and all the remaining Jews were expelled from their homes) and Baghdad in 1941 (where armed Iraqi mobs, with the assistance of the police, murdered 180 Jews and wounded almost 1,000 in what became known as the Farhud Pogrom). And over the last 20 years (at least) we have seen pure raw Jew hatred in the Arab Middle East that would make a Nazi blush. Just a few weeks ago, the Hamas spokesman, Osama Hamdan, explained to an audience on Lebanese TV that Jews supposedly enjoy killing children because “we [referring apparently to his audience] all remember how the Jews used to slaughter Christians in order to mix their blood in their holy matzos.” Hamdan also added, “This is not a figment of imagination or something taken from a film, it is a fact acknowledged by their own books and historical evidence.” Of course, this vile canard coming from a Hamas spokesperson should surprise no one, as the Hamas Charter itself (Article 7) provides: “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” And Qatar, which has been given the honor of hosting the World Cup in 2022, this past May hosted a conference whose entire purpose was to vilify Jews and Israel entitled “Between Conspiracy and Confrontation.” This “conference” featured none other than that same scholar on the Jewish use of children’s blood for Matzos, Osama Hamdan, and radical cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, whose organization IUMS is sponsored by Qatar and who receives most of his financial support from Qatar. Qaradawi has been featured on Qatari owned Al-Jazeera TV telling the audience of his desire to “go to the land of Jihad and resistance.” In the same appearance Qaradawi told his audience, “I will shoot Allah’s enemies, the Jews, and they will throw a bomb at me, and thus I will seal my life with martyrdom.” Qaradawi gave another speech on Al-Jazeera, where he claimed that Adolf Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews. In another sermon on Al Jazeera, well before Operation Protective Edge began, Qaradawi incited violence against Jews. “Oh Allah,” Qaradawi said, “Take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people… do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.” Meanwhile, Qatar continues to support Qaradawi, owns Al Jazeera, and still stands in line to host the 2022 World Cup. This past July, the United States also closed an $11 billion arms deal with Qatar. Where is the outrage and concern? Where are the people standing against this barbarism?

The reality is that there is no significant outrage and concern in the world over this despicable Jew hatred. And until many many Jews are killed, there will not be any. And other than Israel and the IDF, we can count on no one else to defend Jews from barbarism. As Paul Newman’s character in the movie Exodus (notably, the last time Hollywood made an unabashedly pro-Israel movie) said, “Jewish blood is cheap.” How often do we have to hear from the mainstream media the thinly veiled implication (at best) that during Operation Protective Edge not enough people in Israel have died from Hamas’s terror tunnel attacks and rocket, missile and mortar launches on Israeli homes, hospitals, Synagogues, kindergartens, etc.? It is as if they want more Jews to die or for us to apologize for being able to defend ourselves. Well, we will not apologize. That is one of the reasons there is a State of Israel, so Jews — after 2000 years of persecution all over the world — will have a country to fight for and defend Jewish lives, and to make sure that Jewish blood will not be cheap.

As for those that have tried over the years to distinguish between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism it should be plain that any such distinction is a false one, as chants of “Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas” leave no room for any credible doubt on the subject. The nearly worldwide effort to hold the one Jewish State to a standard of behavior applied to no other country, like the effort on most American and European college campuses to delegitimize and demonize the one Jewish State, has been argued by some (albeit without much credibility) to not be anti-Semitic. Recent events, however, should make three things clear: (1) it has always been the Jewishness of Israel that makes it a target of so much irrational hate and double standards, (2) now more than ever, the Jews of France, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, England, Belgium, Holland, etc. need the State of Israel as a Jewish homeland, and (3) in the United States we must be vigilant and not stick our head in the sand over the growing anti-Semitism we are seeing all over of the world. “It cannot happen here,” has never been a good strategy. And, when hate-filled people scream “Jews to the gas” we should believe that is what they want, ignoring evil has also never been a good strategy.

About the Author
Micha Danzig is a practicing attorney in San Diego and board member of T.E.A.M. (Training & Education About the Middle East). He is also active with Stand With Us and a former soldier in the IDF.
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