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Hamas in Route to Defeat

On January 18, 2024, Khaled Mashaal, the former head of Hamas, who currently resides in Qatar, gave an interview to Middle East Monitor.  The best thing that emerged from this interview is he confessed that a 2-state solution is off the table – rather having one state without Jews. He points to October 7th as a victory for Hamas in his defense of the slogan “From the River to the Sea.” Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Authority (PA) all share the same common goal – remove Israel in its entirety. At least Mashaal was honest.

In an article of the Wall Street Journal dated December 21, 2023, it was reported in a survey taken by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, a Ramallah-based think tank, found one in five Gazans blamed Hamas for their current suffering.

Two Gazans were interviewed by an IDF intelligence officer who said:

  • May God curse them and those who chose them.”
  • “They destroyed us and took us back 100 years. May disaster befall them. We are captives of them (Hamas). These dogs are abusing their power over us.

After 111 days of war, we discovered over 400 miles of underground tunnels instead of 100 as originally thought. Israel lost over 550 soldiers (212 since we entered Gaza and began the war) plus thousands injured.   Media reports claim the IDF has eliminated only 9,000-10,000 Hamas terrorists leaving a balance of 10,000 still alive. However, taking into consideration the injured, Hamas lost 60% of their fighting force. The Hamas labyrinth of their terror tunnel network is all so encompassing that only 20% has been destroyed.

Sinwar and his gang continue to be on the run, surrounding himself with Israeli hostages serving as his human shield. The hostages are likely destitute with many not receiving necessary medical treatment, malnourished, women being raped and enduring psychologic and physical abuse.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and PA chose hatred, death, lies and terror over prosperity. They burned the 1993 Oslo Accords – was just a steppingstone for Arafat and his gang of terrorists to destroy Israel. This is why Abbas an Arafat rejected every peace offer, coincidentally giving them almost everything they wanted.

These terror organizations have amassed astronomical sums of donor money to perpetuate terror. Hamas invested billions in an underground tunnel city rather than improving the lives of Gazans.

The PA looked the other way while West Bank terrorists engaged in repeated terrorist attacks against Israelis.

In 1972, the Palestinian militant organization, Black September, killed two members of Israel’s Olympic team and took nine other hostages. The Mossad and its intelligent team hunted them down and eliminated each one. Hamas should take note of this. Don’t think for a moment that the Israeli security establishment is not capable of finding all those involved in the planning of October 7th. Just because they may live in Qatar, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon or wherever will not provide them shelter to avoid detection. Israel military spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht called Sinwar the “face of evil” and declared him a “dead man walking.”

Israel will do its utmost to return all the hostages. Even if Israel must give up a huge number of terrorists languishing in our jails, it’s only a matter of time that Israel will replenish their jails with equal or more terrorists.

We cannot leave Gaza until we have a buffer zone with full control of all its borders to ensure that no weapons, human traffickers, drugs, or prostitutes are being smuggled into Gaza. Egypt is against this because I believe there’s a huge amount of unreported money exchanging hands to allow goods and weapons to pass the border. If Israel is present, will only deter their flow of illegal business, revenues ultimately protecting Israel.

Gaza will remain in its current condition unless donor countries fund its reconstruction. If Arab countries wish to condition their support of Gaza reconstruction on demanding a 2-state solution, then I guess there’s nothing to talk about. Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East. As I see it, they need us more than we need them. Israel has the technological prowess, innovative skills, and experts to empower their countries to plan and build their future. Oil supplies will eventually diminish so now is the time for them to invest their funds in long-term technological solutions, which Israel is fully capable of providing.

Once Hamas is defeated in Gaza, Israel should consider the removal of the PA security apparatus from the West Bank in cities like Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, and other surrounding communities. The IDF must reestablish its presence and seal off the area and not allow them to enter Israel. We cannot let the PA run around freely anymore. I heard that Israel is recruiting laborers from Southeast Asia – a far better choice than Arabs from Judea Shomon. Chinese workers have worked out fantastically for builders so too will the ones from Southeast Asia.

The Arab world should not give Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or the PA any credence rather just let them self-destruct on their own. Their platform is negativity, lies, war, death, terror, and destruction. Look at their track record. Name one positive thing they did.

Nowadays, most Gazans want Hamas out. The media reported that Gazans in Khan Younis were telling IDF soldiers that Hamas was preventing them from leaving combat area using threats and violence. On the streets, Gazans are chanting ‘topple’ Hamas. Hamas is responsible f or the decimation of Gaza and top of this, Hamas steals the aid that was intended for civilians.

The Palestinians will just have to make do with what they have. Brainwashing innocent children to be martyrs to hate Jews/Israelis or removing Israel from their geographical maps is a road map gone wrong. Taking donor money to incentivize terrorists to commit suicidal terror acts to receive lifetime pensions is insane. Those donor countries should immediately cease funding the PA.  Let them raise the capital from rogue countries. Certainly, there’s no shortage of that.

Once we defeat Hamas, Israel must continue to remain unified and not fall into depths of October 6th. Am Israel!

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Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.
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