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Harry Potter Is Dead in Israel

You heard it right. Harry Potter is dead and has been buried in Israel. You can pay a visit to him on his grave. 

A sensational sentence broke the internet and the hearts of all the Potterheads around the globe – Harry Potter is dead! Well, he in fact is dead. But, not the one who lives in the cupboard under the stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England, Great Britain. This one belongs to Israel. 

Yes, this deceased Mr. Potter isn’t the uncombed, bespectacled teenage guy you have known from J.K Rowling’s books or the adapted movies series. Late Harry Potter was a British soldier who died in 1939, whose grave is at the Israeli town of Ramle. His grave is one of the tourist attractions of Israel. The reason doesn’t need to be stated anymore. Even though Israel does not keep a count of the number of tourists Harry Potter’s grave attracts each year. But, the localities and the tour guides mention that his tombstone is never free from visitors. 

Ron Peled, a local tour guide says, “There is no connection with the Harry Potter we know from literature, but the name sells, the name is remarkable”. 

Private Harry Potter, buried in Israel was born in Birmingham, England. He joined the British army in 1938. He came to British mandate Palestine in September of 1938 where he was killed in 1939 by an armed band. He was buried in Ramleh at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, which has recently become really famous. 

Another interesting fact that is connected with Private Harry Potter is that he was 18 when he died, but his tombstone declares him 19 years old. This was the result of false registration of name for the sake of joining the military. 

Now, the grave is as famous as Jerusalem Syndrome in Israel. It draws so much attention that Israel also proudly announces about it on its website. Whatever the reason may be, it is worth contemplating how a grave of someone is so popular without him having anything to do about it. If not anything else, Harry Potter’s grave is a great way to pay respect to the brave soldiers of both sides who lost their lives in the wars that never end. 

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